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Miami Dolphins

Do Dolphins truly have a plan or not to get another QB?

Florida Football Insiders



Brad Mills-USA TODAY Sports

As our lede would suggest, we are really wondering at this point, if the Dolphins are smart or if they have outsmarted themselves. Or, even worse for their fans, do they not really have a solid plan at all, especially when it comes to what to do with the most important position on the field, quarterback.

We already know that coach Adam Gase has publicly backed Ryan Tannehill to come off his ACL surgery and be installed as the starter for training camp and this fall. Gase said so at the NFL scouting combine in late February.

However, with the 11th overall pick and by giving every outward indication that they are strongly interested in drafting a quarterback, the Dolphins are at best, sending mixed signals.

Earlier this week they met with Heisman Trophy winning Oklahoma quarterback Baker Mayfield and worked him out, individually. As we wrote, there is strong belief in the Miami market and elsewhere that the Dolphins will look to take Mayfield and may even decide to trade up from  #11 to grab him.

If that is in fact your plan, and you already have Tannehill under contract and in the fold who you are backing, then why are you worried about having a significant veteran QB come visit and maybe sign with you?

Well, that’s what the Dolphins are doing by hosting and talking to former Broncos, Texans, and Browns quarterback Brock Osweiler at their facility on Friday.

Osweiler was supposed to be the “Heir Apparent” to Peyton Manning in Denver, when he retired after winning the Super Bowl three years ago. However, he jumped after one season as the Broncos starter on a huge four year $72 million free agent offer to go to the Houston Texans.

The Texans watched him struggle in 2016, eventually benched him, and then traded him and his massive contract to Cleveland with a draft pick before last April’s draft.

The Browns made no secret that they only wanted the draft pick from Houston and they didn’t really want Osweiler. He was released by Cleveland on the final cuts last September and actually, Osweiler ended up back with the Broncos as a backup during their miserable 2017 season.

Got all that?

Now he’s a free agent again and the 6-7 former Arizona State quarterback is looking for a home.

And on Friday afternoon, he found that home agreeing to a one year deal with the Dolphins:

The interesting part is he was with Gase in Denver, when Gase was the offensive coordinator there four seasons ago. However, none of this flirtation now, makes any sense with the Dolphins.

How can you have commitment to Tannehill, be thinking about drafting a future quarterback early, and also signing Osweiler and not confuse everyone in your own building about the plan?

Well, the Dolphins have gone and done it.

So that’s part of the current plan, if there truly is a plan?

Or, just like the Jarvis Landry situation, are the Dolphins almost “making it up as they go along” by putting the franchise tag on their best player, and then ending up giving him to Cleveland for a third round draft pick this year.

Maybe, the Dolphins don’t intend to draft a quarterback and are only signing Osweiler, so that if they need him for down the road because of injury poor play or whatever, he will be on the roster.

That would be prudent and very forward-thinking.

However, it looks more like the Fins are flying by the seat of their pants. Publicly showing that they don’t really know what they’re going to do and then expecting the fans to cheer on whatever it is that eventually do.



  1. owensrd

    March 23, 2018 at 9:37 pm

    If they are in love with Mayfield, that is fine. If things don’t work out in the draft as far as Mayfield goes, you will have to have a backup QB. Evidently, Gase feels comfortable having Osweiler as the backup. Not so much with Moore. I guarantee you that if Miami gets Mayfield, then Fales and Osweiler, fight for third string and Osweiler probably gets released. I think fakes did well in the Buffalo game at the end of last season.

    • Gary Kraft

      March 23, 2018 at 9:56 pm

      What hell is wrong you people they know more than you or you would be working for them .so get over self after 65 years 365 days a year.i think I know more than you about football they will better team this year and make the playoffs. Forget a q back in first round .that is not going to happen

    • ricky Franquiz

      March 23, 2018 at 10:22 pm

      Miami is keeping their options open & they don’t need to make explanations to this writer, any Dolphins fans or anybody else for that matter. Go annoy New England fans with your stupid medial stories.

  2. Joe

    March 23, 2018 at 10:17 pm

    The author of this article is an absolute moron Ryan Tannehill is far and away better than manu quarterbacks in the NFL based upon his 2016 season by most I mean he was the top 15 quarterback that year. I’m sure the dolphins hope that Brock Osweiler never throws a pass for them
    But It showed last year when you’re starting quarterback goes down you better have a good back up plan and Jay Cutler wasn’t a good plan. Now they don’t have to give up multiple drop to jump up the board to try for a quarterback like most quarterback needy teams of do .
    I do expect the Dolphins to draft our young quarterback, just not in the first round

  3. JohnD

    March 23, 2018 at 10:38 pm

    I’ve been a Dolphin fan for a long time, and I wish I knew what the plan was. I can’t imagine that the plan is to trade up to take a QB because that’s going to cost a ton of draft picks that this team needs to try and build something out of this mess. If Mayfield is there at 11, and they love him then I hope they take him, but I don’t want to see them mortgage the future to do it. If it cost the Jets their 1st and three 2nd’s to move up three spots, what’s it going to cost the Phins to move up, 6,7 or 8? If god forbid Mayfield doesn’t pan out it would be an absolute disaster that would take years to overcome. At some point this defense needs to be fixed. They can’t continue to allow almost 400 points a season and expect to compete for anything, and getting mid round picks for Ajayi and Landry didn’t help matters either. Is there a plan? If there is, I don’t have any idea what it is.

  4. Al Scott

    March 24, 2018 at 9:00 am

    Why do we continue discussing the quarterback position, when need a young linebacker, and a tight end, we can find a quarterback in the later round to draft since Adam Gase is the quarterback whisper.

  5. Kevin

    March 24, 2018 at 9:24 am

    Tannehill is the QB in 2018. He’s on a team friendly contract that got even more friendly when he renegotiated last week. Let’s not forget he started every game until the knee injury. Forget Mayfield… It’s all a smokescreen. Draft best LB on the board at 11, then best TE in 2nd round. If Fins don’t win 10 games this season I’ll consider it a failure.

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Miami Dolphins

Dolphins cornerstone player for 2018?

Florida Football Insiders



Jasen Vinlove-USA TODAY Sports

It’s a pivotal year for the Dolphins, their head coach Adam Gase, their front office of Mike Tannenbaum and Chris Grier, and most importantly, QB Ryan Tannehill.

Miami is certainly taking a risk bringing back Tannehill off of missing all of 2017 with re-injury to his ACL. A risk, because they didn’t elect to make a play for a “quarterback of the future” in this year’s draft. This despite flirting heavily with the likes of Baker Mayfiled, and a player like Lamar Jackson being readily available for them, when they drafted at #11.

And, the Fins dealt away Pro Bowl wide receiver Jarvis Landry for not much in return, because they didn’t want to pay him huge dollars. And then, with getting rid of fellow Pro Bowl defensive tackle Ndamukong Suh to save on the salary cap, the clear star or leader remaining is Tannehill.

And Tannenbaum, Grier and Gase are banking that he will be back to his 2016 pre-injury play of 2016 that put the Dolphins in position to make the playoffs.

Gase has made it no secret that they have made their decision and have built around Tannehill. As we wrote about early last month, the third year coach has repeatedly backed his QB, who’s about to play for his sixth season. Gase saying to’s Albert Breer last month:

“Just being around him (Tannehill), this being my third year, the guy competes as hard as anyone I’ve been around, especially at that position. And it’s a good feeling as a coach when we’ve got him back out there.”

And they hope to have at the level where he was, when he injured the knee in the week 14 home game with Arizona two years ago. Through 13 games, he had his highest completion percentage (67.5%), yards per attempt (7.7) and quarterback rating (93.5).

There are new veteran faces on offense like RB Frank Gore, and WR Danny Amendola, who both have years of winning and post season experience to bring to the huddle.

Still, in most NFL locker rooms, the QB is the “face of the franchise,” the leader and the one most scrutinized.

And Ryan Tannehill will be that for this fall.

He’s the foundation, for at least the start of this year, that Miami will try to build their fortunes.

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Dolphins moving eventually to new facility near Hard Rock Stadium?

Florida Football Insiders



Jim Brown-USA TODAY Sports

It’s not as earth shattering as a huge free agent signing or hosting a playoff game, but the fact that the Dolphins are close to moving locations from their current training complex in Davie to a more convenient one next to Hard Rock Stadium in Miami Gardens is a big deal.

The Miami Herald had the  details on Saturday:

From the Herald’s item, there is definitely some competitive interest in luring the Dolphins away:

Miami Gardens might defray the cost of security in and around Hard Rock Stadium to help seal the deal, and Miami-Dade County could amend the existing stadium renovation agreement that pays the Dolphins a bonus for hosting major events.

“Twenty-five years ago, the Dolphins moved their football headquarters from North Dade to Davie, and I’ve wanted them back ever since,” Miami Dade Commissioner Barbara Jordan said. “When I heard Mr. Ross was considering a new $50 million practice facility in Broward, I knew we had to have a conversation about bringing this massive private investment to Miami-Dade. To me, it’s a perfect fit for our community and will bring a lot of economic activity to Miami-Dade.”

Added Miami Gardens Mayor Oliver Gilbert: “From Top Golf to the Super Bowl, Miami Gardens has become a destination for world-class entertainment, and venues that attract visitors on a consistent basis are a critical component of economic development. Between the Miami Open and Miami Dolphins training camp, we can generate $100 million-plus in privately funded construction, hundreds of good-paying jobs, a significant boost to our tax base and new opportunities for residents to live, work and play. It would be great to bring the Miami Dolphins training facility back home to the 305.”

So, clearly there’s some “wooing” going on, and if Fins owner Stephen Ross is going to privately fund the new facility to the tune of at least $50 and maybe as high as, $75 million, then there is ample reason to try to lure them. Ross has already put over $500 million of his own money into a three year renovation of Hard Rock Stadium.

The Dolphins training adjacent to the stadium where they play or in the same complex area, is not uncommon. In the cases of Florida’s other two NFL teams: the Jaguars train adjacent to TIAA Bank Field, and the Bucs complex is across the street from Raymond James Stadium.

And, there are other examples of the Bengals, the Texans, and the Patriots who train either next to or in the same complex as where they play on Sundays.

The reality is that the new facility will not be ready for at least another two seasons, no matter where it’s located. Still, the convenience and new design will also be an asset for the Dolphins to attract players, too.

Now it’s up to the franchise to decide where and how soon, they want to build.

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Miami Dolphins

DeMarco Murray retired or still in play for teams like Dolphins and Jaguars?

Florida Football Insiders



Jim Brown-USA TODAY Sports

On Friday afternoon, former Pro Bowl RB DeMarco Murray made an announcement on ESPN that he is “retiring” from the NFL. We put it in quotes, because we are skeptical that the 30 year old Murray is actually “retiring.”

Rather, he may have been using his opportunity as a guest analyst on the “NFL Live” show the last two days to essentially, create some buzz and perhaps an opportunity to sign on with a team later this month or as preseason gets underway.

First, here was Murray, who played for the Titans the last two seasons, making his decision, for now:

Now, one of the teams that Murray had serious talks with was the Dolphins. However, that was back in March and eventually, Miami chose not to sign him. Instead, they inked veteran and Miami native, Frank Gore.

Back to Murray, he also took a visit with the Lions, and after the NFL suspended Saints RB Mark Ingram for four games for violating the league’s substance abuse policy, New Orleans contacted him.

However, the seven year veteran Murray refused to work out with a group of prospective running backs and the Saints.New Orleans elected to sign former Browns running back Terrance West.

An obvious “red flag” that has hindered Murray is his lack of 2017 production. Murray’s 659 yards in 15 games were the fewest of his career and his 3.6 average matched his career worst (his dreadful 2015 one year in Philly).

The other is that Murray may have “priced himself out” of an opportunity. He has been paid on average over $7 million the last three seasons with the Eagles and then, 2016-17 with the Titans. The Eagles originally gave him a five year $40 million dollar deal with a $5 million signing bonus in 2015.
The Titans traded for Murray the next off season and re-worked that deal giving him $12.5 million as a signing bonus to help their cap situation.

Now, despite what he announced, Murray could still have value to a team. In the Dolphins case, not only did the they sign Gore, but they drafted running back Kalen Ballage in April. So, unless Gore is injured, Murray is not as needed.

Meanwhile, the Jaguars have second year power back Leonard Fournette, who will be the primary ball carrier, but they let veteran Chris Ivory go and he signed with the Bills. Jacksonville also has backup T.J. Yeldon, who filled in well for a couple of games with Fournette either injured or on a one game suspension.

Still, Murray could be a veteran that helps the Jaguars, if they want and he would agree to a lesser deal than what he’s been making.

And there are obviously more teams that may have an injury during camp or preseason that could call Murray, too.

Then, we’ll find out if his “retiring” in early July is for real.

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