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Dan Marino spoke on several subjects from Super Bowl Wednesday

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It’s been 34 years since the Dolphins were last in the Super Bowl, and the quarterback that was at the controls that day was reminiscing on radio row on Wednesday. Dolphins legend Dan Marino spoke to several outlets answering many different questions, but we were particularly interested in him talking about his one and only appearance in the biggest game in January of 1995 against the 49ers.

First, here’s Marino in discussion with “The Dan Patrick Show” late Wednesday morning on whether he would excel in the in the present NFL with all the relaxed rules for offense and passing:

It was then particularly interesting when Patrick, the former ESPN personality who’s now been out on his own for over a decade, turned attention to the Dolphins showdown with San Francisco in Marino’s second year in the league. He asked Marino what he remembered about taking the field for the first time in the biggest game and whether or not he had butterflies, etc.?

“From what I remember, I was young….I remember it felt like I was supposed to be there. With the season we had (’84), I felt pretty comfortable. Maybe that’s why we lost,” he said with a chuckle.

Marino was joking, but maybe he was right- he and the Fins should have been more nervous and he might have played better, as San Francisco dominated that day with a 38-16 victory.

Keeping in mind that Marino had every reason to be a bit cocky because the Dolphins had smashed almost every single season passing record imaginable, including Marino becoming the first QB to throw for 5,000 yards and also setting the record with an unheard of 48 touchdown passes.

Then Patrick brought the inevitable next question which is Marino never made it back to the Super Bowl after that fateful day in Palo Alto California against Joe Montana and the 49ers.

“Later in my career I started to think that way. Yeah. That might the only time,” Marino said on the show. “And that’s why you continue to play and do everything you can to put yourself in that position… Definitely, when I was 23? I thought I would be back a few times.”

And, the long dry spot has continued post-Marino, too, as they have been shut out of even going back to the AFC Championship game for the chance to go to the Super Bowl in the 2000s.

Marino is now an adviser to owner Stephen Ross and knows with the Dolphins about to hire a new coach, which is believed to be Patriots defensive assistant Brian Flores, and that it may be a little while before they’re back in range that contend again.

So for now, Marino’s presence in Atlanta prior to the Patriots and Rams showdown is the only link the Dolphins have to a game that they were regularly part of in the 70’s and early 80’s.

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