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Are there clues that Jarvis Landry knows he’s leaving Dolphins?

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The ongoing saga of whether the Miami Dolphins really want Jarvis Landry continues. And depending on what you want to believe: either he’s giving away clues this weekend that he is in fact going to be gone from Miami, or we are reading too much in to coincidental circumstances.

First, the Dolphins wasted no time on Tuesday doing something they did not have to do: put the franchise tag on Landry to keep him from being able to test the free-agent market. That also guarantees that Landry will make the average of the top five highest-paid wide receivers for 2018 which is $16 million.

What it doesn’t mean is that the Dolphins could still trade Landry to another team. They also eventuallly work out a long-term deal at some point with Landry before the start of the season

There’s plenty of scrutiny and speculation to go around that the Dolphins have no intention of giving Landry a long-term contract. But, for now? That’s all it is.

Well, some heads up detective work on Saturday may, we emphasize MAY, be giving clues. Then again, it could be purely coincidental and also smart business dealings for Landry.

First, Matthew Canasta of Phinsider radio noticed Saturday that Jarvis Landry’s official website had been taken down, apparently at some point Friday.


It is still down as of Saturday evening with no message to the fans. It’s simply goes to the host provider

Does that in and of itself mean anything? Not really.

Perfect example, Buccaneers wide receiver, and Landry’s fellow 2014 draft classmate Mike Evans of the Buccaneers, took down his website, redesigned it and relaunched it earlier this week.

So, taking down a website in and of itself doesn’t mean anything.

Now, what is also interesting is that Landry has discounted his personal Dolphin themed merchandise on his own site, Shop.Jarvis Landry.Com.

This is more compelling, because that’s a business component and his people and Landry may tipping that it’s all about to be worthless if and when he’s gone.

Important to remember: Landry side has no control over being dealt, much less when it happens. They could trade him tomorrow. They could trade him around the draft in April. They could trade him in July.

So, is this a case of just being proactive?

For now we will choose to go with that.

Remembering that this is the off-season and most fans aren’t going to be buying much merchandise anyway, the intent may have been all along to significantly discount most of it to see if anyone will buy it.

Another important point, the money that were talking about off of a website or selling your own merchandise is minute’ compared to what he stands to make long-term from the Dolphins or someone else.

Like, $100 million less.

So in the end, while it’s fascinating to contemplate and debate, what we’re writing about in this topic doesn’t amount to much, financially.  And as we’ve laid out above, it may not really mean anything other than his web people want to redesign and redo things.

Let the conspiracies and the detective work about the Fins best player continue in South Florida.

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