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Miami Dolphins

Another embarrassing Sunday signals time for Josh Rosen

Florida Football Insiders



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It’s as obvious as an aqua and orange colored billboard in South Florida would be. The Dolphins are going absolutely nowhere, and that includes with veteran starting QB Ryan Fitzpatrick. So, at this point, it’s already time to find out what Josh Rosen can or cannot do over a series of games.

Yes. Back to back embarrassing blowout home losses, where the offense did next to nothing in four quarters of each game have only confirmed the inevitable. Miami has to determine if Rosen can help them this season or beyond?

And, they cannot do that with Rosen standing (or sitting above) and watching. Worse, they can judge him only coming in for mop duty with the team already down by four or five touchdowns, as he’s done the last two weeks. That doesn’t help Rosen or the team.

No longer can you sell the great start to the season a year ago that Fitzpatrick had with the Buccaneers, where he was the NFC Offensive Player of the Week each of the first two weeks of the season. In those games, Fitzpatrick threw for over 400 yards in both Tampa Bay wins.

No. You can longer sell it, when Fitzpatrick Sunday only led the Dolphins to run one play on the Patriot side of the 50 in the first three quarters of the game while being completely shut out.

You read that, correctly: forget about scoring points. You can’t, if you don’t cross the 50.

Oh, and then they played the fourth quarter.

And, that’s where the biggest demon that is kept Fitzpatrick from being a consistent starter for the last 10 years of his career reared its ugly head, again. He threw not one, but two, awful passes that ended up being intercepted and returned for touchdowns by the Pats to complete Sunday’s latest 43-0 blowout.

Yes. The Dolphins stuck Rosen out there with nine minutes to go and he threw 18 passes, completing only seven and also had an INT while being sacked three times. Rosen even managed to roll his ankle, but kept playing, but only in worthless garbage time.

And, even though his record was 3-10 last year as a starter with only a 55% completion percentage and 11 touchdowns vs. 14 interceptions with the Cards, it’s time to see what he can do with the full understanding that it’s his job and for the next few games at least.

Chris Grier and coach Brian Flores made an overt commitment to eventually turn to Rosen by trading away a second-round pick to acquire him from the Cardinals in April at a very affordable salary not just this season but for the next two years. His deal averages out at $2.1 million per season through 2020 one and only $2.9 Million for the final year.

Yes. You may be “Tanking for Tua” (Tagovailoa of Alabama), and the 2020 draft.  But that’s for later in the year to worry about in relation to whom else is having a horrible season.

And, whether you believed that Fitzpatrick was the better quarterback all offseason and the preseason, (Flores and staff obviously did),  that means nothing now off the last two weeks.

You are likely going to keep losing no matter who the QB is.

It’s just time to see what the 22 year old former #1 pick last year can do.

Miami Dolphins

Report- Dolphins will play Patriots in Mexico City

Florida Football Insiders



Bob DeChiara-USA TODAY Sports

Although the 2020 NFL schedule will not be released for several more months, it appears that we know where the Dolphins will play their “International Series” game and it will be against an AFC East rival in Mexico.

A report from Fox Sports Mexico said late Monday night that they’ve learned that the annual game the NFL has been playing for several years in Mexico City will this season be the Dolphins and the New England Patriots:

Miami has agreed to play an International Series game as part of landing the Superbowl being played this weekend at Hard Rock Stadium between the 49ers and the Chiefs.

The NFL also plays several International games a  year in England, which is where the Dolphins had last played one being shut out 20-0 by the Saints in the 2017 season.

The Patriots are no strangers to having played previously in Mexico City. They defeated the Raiders easily 33-8 at Azteca Stadium in that same 2017 season.

Many Dolphins fans and season ticket holders will probably be upset to learn that the home game with the most prominent franchise in the NFL is being moved. However, from a league standpoint the Patriots have tremendous marquee value.

Of course there is one variable: and that’s the status of free agent Quarterback Tom Brady? Brady, who will turn 43 years old this season, has led New England to six Super Bowl championships, but at the moment is slated to be a free agent. And while it is likely that, if he continues to play and not retire, that it will be with the Patriots, it’s not unheard of that he could sign with another team.

Meanwhile, the Dolphins stunned the Patriots in their final meeting of the year in week 17, when Ryan Fitzpatrick led the game-winning touchdown drive in the final minute of play hitting tight end Mike Gesicki (above) with the go-ahead TD pass. That cost New England a bye in the opening round of the playoffs, and they subsequently lost on the Wild Card Weekend to the Tennessee Titans.

A year ago the NFL played the Mexico City game on Monday night with the Chiefs taking on their AFC West rival, the Chargers. In 2018, the Chiefs and the L.A. Rams were supposed to have met at Azteca Stadium, but the field was deemed unplayable two weeks before the game. So, it was moved to L.A. Coliseum.

The official NFL schedule release is usually in April just prior to the draft.

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Miami Dolphins

Dolphins coach Flores already dealing with lots of 2020 changes

Florida Football Insiders



Douglas DeFelice-USA TODAY Sports

For almost every NFL team not named the 49ers and the Chiefs, the draft evaluation process is now well underway, and most all teams are represented now in Mobile, Alabama for this weekend’s Senior Bowl. That includes, the Dolphins head coach Brian Flores and his staff (some of them brand new), who are taking it all in.

And on Monday night, Flores met with the Dolphins assembled media and beat writers about the changes that have already taken place within his coaching staff and how it will shape this offseason.

First, Flores took the drastic action of firing first-year offensive coordinator, Chad O’Shea, whom he had brought with him from the Patriots this past season. Part of that decision was based on Miami’s poor play offensively, but a bigger part is the person that Flores could bring in to run his offense.

That’s former Cowboys and bills head coach and longtime NFL offensive coordinator, Chan Gailey.

As we wrote when these moves were made earlier this month, Gailey has a long-standing relationship with veteran quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick. Gailey was his head coach in Buffalo and also his offensive coordinator with the Jets, photo above,. It also further signals the Fitzpatrick apparently will be heavily involved in the 2020 offensive plans.

Speaking to the media and with the quotes being relayed via Joe Schad of the Palm Beach Post, Flores emphasized that Gailey’s in-game adjustments and his ability to teach is what appealed to hiring him,

“He does a really good job of adjustments in-game,” Flores said. “If you’re playing cover one, he’s got cover-one beaters, if you’re playing zone, he’s got zone-beaters. If you’re diamond front he’s got his diamond runs. He’s a good coach that way. I think he’s seen a lot of football.”

“I know he’s a great teacher,” Flores said. “Just in my conversations with several players and coaches that have spent time with him, and that’s obviously very important. The first thing I should have said is that.”

Flores also is dealing with having lost defensive coordinator, Patrick Graham, whom he allowed to take the same job with the New York Giants. Instead of going outside for his replacement hire, Flores instead promoted from in-house with defensive backs coach Josh Boyer getting the promotion and much more responsibility.

As for Boyer, Flores said Monday night from Mobile,

 “He and I see things through the same lenses,” Flores said. “A lot of ways. He coached corners and I coached safeties and we spent a lot of time together. Defensive philosophies and fundamentals and techniques, the things we teach. We’re very much on the same page.”

Defense is obviously Flores’ specialty and Boyer is following his same path from when they were with the Pats. This, as Flores ascended from DB coach to defensive coordinator two seasons ago before getting the Dolphins job.

Miami will obviously have to remake their roster with numerous premium draft picks they acquired for this year and next year, plus, significant money under the salary cap for free agents.

And, all of that evaluation, including with Senior prospects practicing and playing this weekend, is now underway.

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