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Dolphins WR Kenny Stills believes Kaepernick should be on a team

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Miami Dolphins WR Kenny Stills is standing behind Colin Kaepernick. In comments made this week, the Dolphins wide out stated that believes that Kaepernick should be on an NFL roster by now.

The Miami Herald has more from Stills:
“I’m not surprised. I felt like, that’s just sometimes the way things go. Obviously, I’m a supporter of his. He’s a great player, regardless of the things he’s done off the field. I think he should be on a team.”

“It really just helped me with a tough time we were going through,” Stills explained. “I knew it was coming after taking a knee. I just didn’t realize how bad it was going to be. Getting in the community, working with the kids, was a way that I felt like I felt like I could get out and make a change.”

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Stills participated in kneeling during the national anthem this past season, however he hasn’t faced as vicious of a backlash. The Dolphins signed him to four year $32 million contract this offseason.

The Kaepernick narrative wont go away until he actually signs with a team. The debate raged on yet again on social media and beyond after the Tampa Bay Bucs signed Ryan Fitzpatrick on Friday.  Obviously Kaepernick isn’t the type of QB that would fit in the current offensive system in Tampa, but the more QBs that get signed not named Kaepernick are going to be scrutinized.

Last season Fitzpatrick threw 12 TDs and 17 INTs, compared to Kaepernick who threw 16 TDs and only 4 INTs. You can see what Kenny Stills is aiming at in his own words. The reason Kaepernick isn’t getting signed isn’t because of his stats. It has everything to do with his political stance, at least according to Stills. That said if Stills and other players who were free agents this offseason and also protested in solidarity with Kaepernick were able to get contracts, what does this say about this whole situation?

Charges of collusion and Kaepernick being blackballed have been tossed out for a few months now. The more QB signings that come down the pike, will only raise the level of chatter. Also with the inconsistencies in everything, from Stills and others not being blackballed, to players with much worse stats than Kaepernick getting signed, it’s going to be hard find any argument against collusion, despite it being almost impossible to prove, unless an Owner admits it in public, which has about a 0% chance of happening.


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