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Dolphins suspend Timmons indefinitely for going AWOL

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Well, so much for ironing out the mystery of Dolphins LB Lawrence Timmons with him  simply returning to the team. Miami went the other direction and chose to suspend the veteran Pro Bowler Tuesday afternoon.

As we reported this weekend, Timmons deserted the team on Saturday night at their Southern California hotel, as they readied to play the Chargers, and could not be found until Sunday.

The Dolphins played the game with only four available linebackers and won 19-17.

According to a TMZ report Monday, the Phins had contacted law enforcement agencies to look for Timmons overnight and with the help of the LAPD and the LAX police, he was found at the airport Sunday morning trying to get on a plane to Pennsylvania.

On Monday, it was obvious that head coach Adam Gase was not only not interested in answering questions about Timmons status at his news conference, but the fact he said he wasn’t sure if he would even meet with his linebacker sent up a “red flag.”

Gase has a previous precedence of dealing firmly with players, as he was unhappy with RB Jay Ajayi for disciplinary reasons at the beginning of his last season and left Ajayi home and deactivated for the opening game at Seattle.

Meanwhile, it doesn’t mean that Timmons is done for good, in Miami, yet.

But, now the Dolphins can void guaranteed money owed on Timmons’ two year $12 million dollar free agent contract he signed in March.

Timmons apparently had a good week of practice after the team relocated to Southern California trying to escape the path of Hurricane Irma.

Again, back to the TMZ report, they say that a source tells them part of Timmons’ wanting to leave Saturday night was to see a child of his in Pennsylvania. That is not confirmed by anyone else.

The situation is further muddled by neither the team or Timmons making any comments about what happened and why.

Under the rules of the CBA, the Dolphins can keep Timmons suspended without pay for conduct detrimental to the team for up to four games.

We speculated Monday that the reason could be, could be, that if it’s some kind of psychological issue with the linebacker, then federal H.I.P.P.A. privacy laws could come into play.

I.E. it’s not the same as a football reason for him departing and the discipline.

Again, until he or the Dolphins begin talking, we don’t know the truth or even some it.

Stay tuned.

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