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Dolphins Have Ruled Out Drafting Joe Mixon

(Photo by Stephen Lew/Icon Sportswire)


The Miami Dolphins have made it clear that former Oklahoma RB Joe Mixon will not be drafted by this team in the upcoming NFL Draft. Mixon is perhaps the most controversial player in this draft because of his legal history.

In 2014 Joe Mixon got into a physical altercation with a woman named Amelia Molitor in a sandwich shop. The incident captured on video but not released until recently, shows Molitor pushed Mixon, and he responded by punching her in the face so hard that he broke some bones in her jaw. Mixon would plead guilty to misdemeanor assault coping a plea. This is the incident that got Mixon banned from the February NFL Combine.

In 2016, Mixon had another confrontation with a parking attendant after she gave him a ticket on his car. He apparently tore the ticket up, threw it in the officer’s face and inched his car closer to the officer in what was deemed as intimidation. Oklahoma head coach Bob Stoops suspended Mixon for a game after this incident.

Obviously the 2014 altercation was much more serious. The video also brought the incident back to light and reminded people of the Ray Rice video in the elevator, where he struck his then soon to be wife.

At this point it’s becoming obvious that the Dolphins do not want to even come close to dealing with the issues that could surround Mixon. Also, the Dolphins saw second year running back Jay Ajayi emerge last season and don’t have a pressing need.

Other teams however may not hold the same kind of conviction as the Dolphins. Mixon who worked out for several scouts during the Oklahoma Pro Day is expected to be drafted in the mid rounds in April.

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