Miami Dolphins

Dolphins Pick Up Fifth Year Option on Ja’Wuan James

(Icon sportwire)

The Miami Dolphins have picked up the fifth year option on right tackle Ja’Wuan James, according to a league source. The move means they will be able to keep James on contract until 2018.

The fifth year option was introduced back in 2011. What it does is that it extends the rookie contract one more year, giving teams flexibility and an extra year of rights for players still in their rookie contracts. This move for James could land him between $8-9 million a year.

James at least for the near term is certainly an important piece to their offensive line. The organization likes him a lot and has often believed he’s one of the more elite right tackles in the NFL. James who came into the league in 2014, would have been going into a contract year hadn’t the fifth year option been extended. Instead the team locked him in at best the next two season, however the plan may indeed be beyond that.

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