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Dolphins identify/ban fans who started Sunday melee


We here at F.F.I. are all for having a good time at a game. We even say that good-natured back and forth among opposing fans in the stands is fine and to be expected.

However, far too often and far too violently, behavior in stadiums has become a bigger and more dangerous problem at big time games, especially if you have young children with you. Witness what went on the upper level stands at Hard Rock Stadium late in the game Sunday between Miami Dolphin season ticket holding adult men, and the 49ers fans (and even bystanders around them), as all out fist-a-cuffs mayhem broke out.

The Miami sports themed website “Slice Miami” had the video and details first:

Amazingly, even with alcohol a big factor, these are grown older men acting like 19 year old moronic punks. Also, amazing, that in real time for over 90 seconds this fight goes on between multiple people over multiple rows in the section and there’s no security, much less police on the scene.

Needless to say, not a good luck for Hard Rock Stadium and the Dolphins.

Well Tuesday night, the organization announced that they had identified some or most of the trouble makers who started the fights and are taking immediate punitive action. Adam Beasley of the Miami Herald has more on the Dolphins revoking the season tickets of those fans they could identify and banning them permanently from the stadium. Read Adam’s story here.

Finally, in fairness, this goes on everywhere over and over throughout the football season and we are not making it out that Miami and it’s fans are any more trouble makers than other rowdy (also drunk) fans in other NFL settings. And further, we don’t know who or how many of those guys actually got arrested, when it was all said and done.

But it’s still a bad look and good for the Dolphin brass that seeing some of their “regulars,” in Dolphin jerseys no less, behave like criminal thugs, they did something quickly about it.

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