Miami Dolphins

Dolphins to evacuate South Florida, head for Southern California


Like most everyone else in the path of Hurricane Irma, the Miami Dolphins have decided to evacuate South Florida. The Dolphins, however, are doing so en masse.

According to the Miami Herald, Dolphins owner Stephen Ross is footing the bill for an evacuation for all the team’s players, coaches, travelling staff and their families.

Their destination: Los Angeles, the site of the Dolphins next scheduled game against the Chargers a week from Sunday. The plan apparently is to spend the week preparing for the game there.

The Dolphins are not expected to start practicing for the game until Wednesday, so the traveling party will only include players who remained in South Florida this week.

The rest of the players, or at least those who eft town after the Dolphins opener with the Bucs was postponed, will be ected to make their way to Southern California for the start of practice on Wednesday.

The current plan calls for the Dolphins to leave Miami sometime Friday, so a good part of the team will spend the remainder of what is now their Bye Week in Southern California.

The decision to leave now, ahead of the storm, is a smart one, because there’s no way of knowing what travel conditions will be like after the storm hits or what the condition of their practice facility will be.

There’s a chance that damage to the team facility could prevent the Dolphins from properly preparing for what is now their first game of the season so it makes sense to get out town now.

Everyone just has to hope this doesn’t have to become a pattern for this team this year.

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