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If Dolphins don’t sign Colin Kaepernick there’s no question he’s blackballed

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The Miami Dolphins had a nightmare scenario come to fruition on Thursday, when starting QB Ryan Tannehill went down with a knee injury during a non contact play during practice. It was the same he injured at the end of last season, where he didn’t go through surgery and just rehabbed it. He has been wearing a brace all camp to protect the knee, which buckled on him as he scrambled out of the pocket. The early prognosis is that it’s a hyper extended knee and he could miss between two and eight weeks, depending on the severity. The team is awaiting MRI results to determine the extent of the damage.

What this injury brings up is the largest elephant in the room when it comes to the NFL. The Dolphins will need to bring in another QB, especially if Tannehill is going to miss extended time. At this point there is really only one option left for the Dolphins and that is to sign Colin Kaepernick.

There isn’t a single available non-retired QB left on the market who has the experience and who can step in and play pretty much right away. The excuses for his skill set for why he hasn’t signed with a team at this point have all run out. In fact most of them were b.s. excuses to begin with, but any criticism of his abilities have no space in any argument.

There would be only one reason why Kaepernick wouldn’t get signed by the Dolphins and that’s because he’s officially been blackballed by the league owners. Now trying to find proof that the league owners colluded to keep Kaepernick away from being on an NFL roster is going to be impossible. You would need to have plants in all 32 team offices basically leaking information to the press. The NFL isn’t the current White House and teams do a great job keeping their mouths shut on such matters. That said we did get a glimpse of the potential collusion when the Baltimore Ravens allegedly showed interest in Kaepernick, before being overruled  by the ownership, at least according to a story from ESPN.  Though the team denied this ever occurring, ESPN has not retracted the story. If it’s accurate it would certainly be the smoking gun.

ESPN is also saying that the Dolphins are considering Kaepernick, which would be the obvious move. If they don’t sign him, it would be the second team within a week that showed interest and then declined. Not sure how much more proof the public would need to confirm that this is a league wide black ball of a player, who hasn’t harmed a single soul. He would be kept from making a living in his craft for simply kneeling during the national anthem.

What the Kaepernick situation is proving is that the NFL has no moral compass. They are driven solely by money, which is fine, however they tend to be sanctimonious about other issues claiming their place within a community. What the NFL has decided to say is that it’s more important to placate a segment of their fragile fan base, than to allow one man to express his particular political position.

The Dolphins can simply end this debate by signing Kaepernick ASAP. It would end the entire discussion around blackballing and collusion. The ball is in their court. If they decide to go in another direction, they will only exacerbate the issue and may end up losing more fans this way than they assumed they would lose if Kaepernick would sign. It’s certainly an interesting dynamic. Meanwhile Kaepernick is standing by with his principles in tact, ready for a team to call him. Miami Dolphins you are on the clock!

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