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Do Dolphins have best surrounding talent ever for Jay Cutler?

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With veteran QB Jay Cutler’s short Dolphins Thursday preseason debut in the books, the attention has turned to the future. And, whether or not, Miami can take strides to repeat as a playoff team.

A big part of that is what Cutler has to work with in South Florida and the argument can be made that the Fins have, as much or more offensive talent than he ever had with the Bears. From Jarvis Landry to Kenny Stills and even, Devante Parker, he definitely got a young arsenal to work with and Cutler himself sees it too. Speaking after the Ravens game, he even went as far to say Parker is a faster version of Alshon Jeffery.

So is this the most talent Cutler has played with?

His best years with the Bears consisted of Matt Forte, Jeffery, and Martellus Bennett as his three best options. There were also a couple of seasons with Brandon Marshall mixed in, too.

The podcast with Daniel Jeremiah and Bucky Brooks, also debated Cutler’s weapons now vs. Chicago:

When you look at the Dolphins with Stills and Parker working the down the field, it will open more space up for Landry and newly acquired Julius Thomas to operate underneath.

Add that together with the running ability of Jay Ajayi and you have a recipe for a lot of success in Miami.

Time will tell if Cutler’s arm strength and his veteran status can lead the Dolphins to another playoff appearance.

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