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It was deja vu all over again for Bucs offense in Jacksonville on Monday

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TAMPA – It was sort of like deja-vu all over again for the Buccaneers during their first joint workout against the Jaguars outside of Everbank Stadium on Monday.

Just like a year ago, when the Bucs drew the wrath of coach Dirk Koetter for a sluggish offensive performance during their first workout against the Jags, the Bucs were a bit sloppy offensively yet again.

Wide receivers Mike Evans and Adam Humphries dropped passes as did tight end Alan Cross and running backs Doug Martin and Peyton Barber. The offensive line didn’t fare all that well either.

Ali Marpet returned and won a couple battles as did Demar Dotson, but the Bucs didn’t walk away from their one-on-one blocking drills saying they dominated the session.

“Offensively, today wasn’t what we were looking for,’’ Bucs coach Dirk Koetter said. “But it’s only one day of practice and you learn from it and try to get better the next time.’’

The Bucs were already trying to get better after they turned in a mixed bag offensively during their first preseason game last Friday against the Bengals in Cincinnati.

The Bucs lost that game 23-12 in part because they failed to finish their first drive with a touchdown after marching 92 during their first drive and gained just 29 yards on their second.

“Me and Mike Evans can’t get inside the 2-yard line and not connect on two straight attemtps,’’ Bucs quarterback Jameis Winston said. “That was the only negative I’ll take away from that game.

“I mean, when your first drive (starts) from (your own) 6-yard line and the next one starts from (your own) 1, it’s but we flipped the field (on the second) and had a 92-yard drive (on the first) you got to love that.’’

Winston said he believes Evans might have drawn a penalty flag during the regular season on at least on the throws the two failed to connect on in the red zone against Cincinnati.

“Yeah, preseason rules,’’ Winston said with a smile. “But at the end of the day, Mike and I talk about this all the time, it doesn’t matter. You’re Mike Evans. Go catch that ball.’’

He’ll get a chance to go get it on Tuesday. Koetter said one of the focuses of the team’s joint workout Tuesday will be red zone work. Good thing, too, because that’s an area the Bucs definitely need the work.

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