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Why did Dalvin Cook’s brother decommit from Florida State?

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One of the more interesting stories to come out of the recruiting bin in the state of Florida was the decommitting of 4-star recruit James Cook, the younger brother of Dalvin Cook from Florida State. Raphielle Johnson of Fan Rag Sports, wrote about the news this week. 

It was a message buried during the day on July 4th, which was likely by design to mitigate a larger media storm. Cook tweeted out the following message:

After talking it over with my family and coaches I feel like it would be in my best interest to decommit from Florida State University…Also, I would like to thank coach Jimbo Fisher and the entire coaching staff for believing in me and my athletic abilities. It’s nothing personal just business

One of the reasons that’s possible for why James Cook decided to change his mind about attending Florida State is stated by Johnson in his article on Fan Rag on Wednesday:

As for the future, which would have an even greater impact on James Cook’s chances of immediate playing time, the Seminoles added four freshmen to the running back corps this summer. That group includes a 5-star recruit in Cam Akers, who participated in spring practices and received positive reviews. Khalan Laborn, Zaquandre White and Deonte Sheffield are the other three incoming freshman running backs on the Florida State roster for the 2017 season.

Was it the issue of playing time that had Cook change his mind? Perhaps that’s one reason. Another reason will also be the unreasonable expectations. Dalvin Cook, who’s now with the Minnesota Vikings, is the most decorated RB to ever wear the Seminoles uniform. He’s the career leader in almost every single statistical category for a RB at the school, which says a lot considering who played there throughout the years. It could be that Cook will always be compared to his brother, which isn’t fair, but a natural progression. At Florida State he will always be asked about his brother at every turn. Maybe he feels the need to make a name for himself elsewhere.

It will be interesting to see where he lands. On the short list are places such as Alabama and Ohio State. Pretty sure either school would take him in a heartbeat. No one is mentioning, however the elephant in the room, which would be the University of Miami. 

Being that Cook is a student at Miami Central High, playing for Canes would be a natural fit. It would also be kind of strange considering the heated rival between the Noles and the Canes. Maybe James Cook could create his own legacy at Miami. There are still some all time greats that played RB at Miami, but he wouldn’t have to follow in his footsteps of his brother. For Canes fans that’s wishful thinking. Right now Miami isn’t considered high on the list, but you can bet Mark Richt will make his pitch. Of course his reasoning at this point is all speculation. Only he knows the truth, we can only be left to guess.

No matter where James Cook goes, he still will have everyone talking about his brother, especially if Dalvin Cook does well his rookie season. FSU however would come with the most pressure, there’s no question. His quotes up until this point don’t give us any indication on where he will decide to commit to in the near future. Either way, he’s going to gain a lot of attention, now he’s deciding to not go to FSU. If he does decide to go to Miami in the end, he certainly would have been successful in dividing his household, which would make things interesting during the holidays.

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