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Corn Elder a Solid Cornerback in a Deep Draft

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The 2017 NFL Draft is deep in several positions. One position that is just absolutely loaded is corner back.  As it stands right now there could be as many as 5 or 6 CBs drafted in the first round alone. Second round could have even more. If it were any other year, Miami CB Corn Elder’s stock would probably be a little higher. This year however the field is so stacked, it’s certainly going to push Elder down the draft boards. Right now he’s projected to be solidly in the mid rounds 3-5 is the projection. The likelihood of  him climbing isn’t too high, unless several CBs crap the bed at the combine and pro days which is unlikely.

Elder does bring a lot to the table and would be a great value pick in the middle rounds. Elder is a touch cookie, has zero fear of getting in the mix and putting licks on offensive players.  He has a tremendous football IQ and his instincts are as good as any other CB in the draft. Another great quality about Elder is his effort. He plays with a motor the entire game, doesn’t take plays off and has great conditioning. One thing we noticed this year with Miami’s defense was that their fitness was solid, much better than during the Al Golden years.

Looking at all these positive qualities, you would think Elder would be a first or second round pick, especially after watching game film. The one weakness is Elder’s size. He’s measured in at 5’10 180 lbs. Obviously they will measure him again at the combine. With the trend to larger corners, Elder’s size certainly is a liability. That said it’s really his only liability. That along it being a deep CB draft and light on QBs, is a perfect storm for Elder to remain in middle rounds. That’s fine though, because whoever drafts him is going to have a solid pro player who should have a nice career.

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