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Compelling episode of Showtime “A Season with Florida State”

The latest in the weekly half hour Showtime cable series “A Season With (Florida State)” aired Tuesday night and there were very intriguing parts. Here’s the preview of the episode and our recap follows:

First the over-arcing part theme is the preview of the upcoming match-up with unbeaten Clemson. The entire show is pointing to that game and it’s massive significance.  More on that in a second.

Another “behind the scenes” access part that was fascinating was Jimbo Fisher and his now ex-wife both attending and standing next to each other during his son’s flag football game. Fisher went through marital problems and the divorce over the last couple of years. And this definitely is a rare glimpse into that part of his life that no either media would ever get acess to. Showtime portrays their parental situation of shared custody and talks with both them about the importance about being involved in their two boys’ life.

Another great part of this episode, is the history and pageantry of the portrayal of “Chief Osceola” and the throwing down of the lighted spear at mid-field just before FSU kickoffs at home that has become one of the most well known traditions in college football. Showtime shows you the student who gets to be involved every home game this season, interviews FSU President John Thrasher and a representative of the Seminole Tribe of Florida, which proudly endorses the attention and tradition.

Finally, the most riveting part is the “all angle all access” coverage of the dramatic FSU-Clemson showdown eventually won by the Tigers in the final minutes. You also got behind the scenes audio of Jimbo Fisher going berserk on the officials on a critical fourth quarter penalty call. The Noles bench eventually got a 15 yard unsportsmanlike conduct penalty for the arguing. Fisher is shown in the now infamous tirade going off on the refs after the game, as well, which he was fined for by the ACC earlier this week.

You get the full feel of the game, including Heisman candidate Deshaun Watson dramatically leading Clemson to their first win in Tallahassee in 10 years.

Even though it may be tough for Nole fans to re-live, tt’s one of the top episodes of the season and well worth the watch.


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