09 September 2016: Louisville Cardinals head coach Bobby Petrino looks on during a NCAA football game between the Louisville Cardinals and the Syracuse Orange at Carrier Dome in Syracuse, NY. (Photo by Jerome Davis/Icon Sportswire)
Florida State Seminoles

Column: Louisville vs. FSU has familiar story line – Petrino

(Photo by Jerome Davis/Icon Sportswire)


As Florida State gets set for an ACC showdown with Louisville Saturday, there are many sub plots: Cardinals QB Lamar Jackson and FSU RB Dalvin Cook playing head to head. Can the Cards get a signature upset of the #2 ranked Noles? Then, along with big win, here comes the name, Bobby Petrino, is back in the forefront.

You remember Petrino, right? The coach who abandoned Louisville after their Orange Bowl win in January 2007 for the Atlanta Falcons of the NFL. Then with Michael Vick suspended and eventually imprisoned for Federal dog fighting charges in the 2007 season, Petrino promptly bailed on his pro gig after a whole 13 games. Thus, leaving in the middle of the night after a Monday Night Football game to go back to college with Arkansas.

Petrino gained some traction in the SEC with the Hogs, only to derail himself with a now infamous motorcycle ride and crash with a young attractive female subordinate (who wasn’t/isn’t his wife) that made immediate national headlines for all the wrong reasons.

Petrino then re-emerged at Western Kenutcky, where the talk almost from the time he was hired was “what job is he taking next?’ Of course, true to the above, he lasted one whole season again, at WKU and then was re-hired at Louisville.

Got all that?

Here’s the bottom line: for all the previous success/the tons of money the ACC now gives the U of L, there are likely going to be two and maybe more SEC jobs come open at the end of this year.

If the Cardinals were to win Saturday, then Petrino’s  name becomes “hotter,” again. Would Petrino bolt like he’s done numerous times before? You cannot credibly rule that out, no matter what Louisville would hope or say.

Then again, despite the heroics of Lamar Jackson, Florida State could and may still win big Saturday. And, the name Petrino would fade in the background, for at least a little while, again

Column: Louisville vs. FSU has familiar story line – Petrino
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