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Where do state school coaches salaries rank?

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On Wednesday USA Today updated their annual look at college football coaching salaries with the latest numbers for 2018.

All the names at the top will probably not surprise you but, where it gets interesting is to see where the top coaches in our state slot.

First, Alabama boss Nick Saban tops the list making more than $8.3 million annually. With having won five national titles in nine seasons, he’s clearly worth it. He’s closely followed by Ohio State’s Urban Meyer, who has three titles on his resume’ at $7.6 million and Michigan’s Jim Harbaugh. Harbaugh, who come to think of it has won nothing in three years at Ann Arbor, is at $7.5 million as the next highest-paid coach.

Very famously, former Florida State coach Jimbo Fisher bolted Tallahassee for Texas A&M last December and he is the fourth highest paid coach annually at $7.5 million for 2018. Auburn’s Gus Malzahn rounds out the top five at $6.7 million dollars for this season.

Next, if you’re wondering who the highest paid state school coach is?  It’s another SEC name, in first-year coach Dan Mullen making just over $6 million for this season. And, Mullen comes in at #8 on the top salary list for 2018..

The next highest paid coach in the state is another first year boss, Willie Taggart of FSU, who is making $5 million this season and is 12th.

Now in his third season in Coral Gables, Miami’s Mark Richt is the next highest paid coach in the state coming in at #22 overall at just over $4 million a season.

And this is where it gets interesting, because UCF Coach first year coach Josh Heupel is the 69th highest-paid  at about $1.7 million, and that’s 13 slots in front of USF coach Charlie Strong. Strong is only being paid $1 million in salary for this year by the school.

The catch there is that the University of Texas is still paying Strong $4 million for 2018 to coach the Bulls,as part of the final year of his deal with the Horns that expires after this season.

It’s no longer surprising, especially for the Power Five conference coaches, that most of the top ones are making at least $3-4 million in salary. This is because the schools and athletic departments are raking in tens of millions in revenue from football.

Still, Saban and that group at the top are making more than most NFL coaches make.

Yes. The Pros.

The money is crazy….for everyone except the players, who get none.

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