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How are South Carolina and Michigan getting along before Outback Bowl?

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So, you know how these bowl games in college are suppose to be festive, fun occasions where the teams are getting rewarded for a good season? Well, the South Carolina Gamecocks and Michigan Wolverines were supposed to “play nice” during an Outback Bowl welcoming event Wednesday night.

Yeah, that didn’t happen.

The two teams have not even begun to practice in Tampa for the New Year’s Day game (that happens for the first time Thursday), and yet, there was nearly a melee’ at a downtown Tampa Outback Bowl function.

Detroit News Michigan Wolverines beat writer, Angelique Chengelis was at the official event with the two teams at “Splitsville,” a downtown night club-bowling alley. As the event was winding down, according to Chengelis, some Michigan players took exception to some Gamecocks already “talking trash” about the game to be played at Raymond James Stadium Monday afternoon.

Chengelis then began shooting video on her phone. Enjoy!

Although there are no punches being thrown, you clearly had a volatile situation with a great number of players shouting and gesturing at each other that could have ignited at any time.

You do see security and even one law enforcement uniformed official help separate the sides, and calm things down.

While it resembled more of a professional boxing or wrestling press conference trying hype a fight or a match, it isn’t a good look for the schools or the bowl game.

Both Jim Harbaugh of the Wolverines and Will Muschamp of the Gamecocks are scheduled to meet with the media for the first time on Thursday afternoon. And obviously, both of those coaches are known to be high strung almost to the point of meltdown status, themselves.

Let’s hope by the time that we get to Monday, the Outback Bowl game has some fireworks, on the field, too.

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