Bucs WR Huff reaches plea deal – avoids jail time from gun charge

(Photo by Cliff Welch/Icon Sportswire)


TAMPA – Wide receiver Josh Huff probably wouldn’t even be with the Buccaneers right now had he not earned himself a ticket out of Philadelphia last November.

It was a charge of unlawful possession of a firearm that prompted the Eagles to throw up their hands and release Huff, who wound up signing with a Bucs team downright desperate for receiver help on Nov. 3.

Well, it’s still too soon to say if the Eagles loss was the Bucs gain, but at least the Bucs know now that they’ll have Huff at their disposal should they choose to keep him around.

Huff, 25, has copped a conditional plea deal on the gun charge that will allow him to avoid jail time and have the charge expunged as long as he follows the conditions of the deal, according TMZ.

Huff, whose arrest stemmed from a traffic stop in which it was discovered that he was in possession of a gun that he could legally carry in Texas but not Pennsylvania, still must serve six months of probation.

Huff can do that with the Bucs, of course, but with the addition of DeSean Jackson his chances of sticking with the team have dropped a bit, especially when you consider the minimal contribution he made last year.

Huff caught three passes for 41 yards and gained just 72 yards on six kick returns but is probably best remembered for mishandling a pair of kicks that left the Bucs offense backed up near its own goal line.

Those mistakes occurred during a Week victory over the Saints and during a critical Week 16 loss to the Saints and helped Huff earn the nickname – wait for it – Josh Muff.

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