What is Bucs QB Mike Glennon’s true value?

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Without a doubt the most prominent position on any NFL team is a quarterback. And for Buccaneers looming free agent Mike Glennon, he’s been waiting and wanting for an opportunity to be a starter somewhere.

Obviously, after drafting Jameis Winston #1 overall, and seeing his success/development over his first two seasons, Glennon has no future as a starter in Tampa Bay. So, the question becomes, what is his true value to the rest of the NFL?

Bearing in mind that the Bucs are the only team that can negotiate (legally) with the fifth year player-to-be from N.C. State until free agency begins in March, there is conflicting info out there on what the market is for Glennon.

Our Roy Cummings, who knows the whole situation with Glennon as well as anyone, wrote about it for our parent site, Fanragsports.com, here:

Fans are probably cringing at the reference to Brock Osweiler who seems to have robbed the Texans blind in free agency a year ago. But, the tall, big armed pocket passer with some previous starting experience comparison is valid.

As Roy mentioned in his piece, the Arizona Cardinals are an interesting possible landing place. After some debate that he would retire, the Cards are bringing back Carson Palmer for 2017. But the speculation from their media is they want a long term solution in place, now.

Here’s a story from their noted beat writer Kent Somers of the AZCentral.com on just that point.

Next, there’s a prominent local Phoenix radio host who took it a step further and is touting that he heard before Palmer made his decision to return, Glennon was absolutely on the Cardinals radar.

There is always the chance that the Cards go after him to compete with Palmer and be there if the aging veteran is injured, again, and/or falters.

And back to Roy’s story, there are obviously other teams like the Jets, the Bills, the Browns etc. that have unsettled QB situations and may obviously be interested, if Glennon is on the open market.

Is he truly worth $15+ million a year? That’s unlikely, but if we won’t know, until and unless, the Bucs don’t re-sign him and March sets him free.

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