Bucs OC Monken says Koetter will continue calling plays

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TAMPA – One of the questions pertaining to the Buccaneers that has remained largely unanswered this offseason was whether Coach Dirk Koetter would continue to call the plays on offense in 2017.

Koetter said at the end of last season that calling plays was a duty he did not want to relinquish but worried he might have to in order to carry out all his other duties as head coach.

Well, it seems Koetter has decided to keep those play-calling duties after all. That was the word Thursday from offensive coordinator Todd Monken, who said no change in play callers is coming.

At least not right now.

“Dirk is going to call the plays,’’ said Monken, the former Southern Mississippi head coach who is entering his second year as Bucs OC and also serves as the Bucs wide receivers coach.

“I didn’t come here with the anticipation (that I’d be calling plays),’’ Monken added. “Coach (Koetter) has been calling them for 30 years now and he’s done a great job with it.’’

There’s no denying that. Koetter called the plays for the most dynamic offense in Bucs history two years ago and also called them for two top-10 offensive attacks in three years with the Falcons.

In fact, one of the reasons Koetter was promoted to head coach a year ago was because of the Bucs desire to maintain continuity on the offensive side of the ball.

To change play callers now might disturb that continuity a bit so Koetter’s decision to keep the play-calling duties was a smart move, one the Bucs should benefit from going forward.

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