Bucs next significant free agency move likely for backup QB

Photo by Michael Allio/Icon Sportswire


Just as it does every year at this time, the pace of free-agency signings has slowed significantly. The Buccaneers, however, may still have at least one more impact move in them.

And it could involve the most important position on the field.

If we are to believe the reports that surfaced a week ago regarding their interest in Nick Foles, who eventually went back to the Eagles, the Bucs are likely still in the market for a backup quarterback.

And well they should be.

The Bucs have spent two years grooming Ryan Griffin as the heir apparent to former backup Mike Glennon, but there is little to suggest the Bucs have the same faith in Griffin they had in Glennon.

The Bucs believed so much in Glennon’s ability to step in and win games for them that they refused to trade him for three years and even offered to make him the highest-paid backup in the league.

None of that worked, of course. Glennon left anyway, signing a three-year, $45 million deal with the Bears. Now the Bucs have to move on, but to whom? There’s a good chance it won’t be Griffin.

Why? Because in the event starter Jameis Winston gets hurt in the middle of what they believe will be a playoff run, the Bucs would rather turn the offense over to an experienced hand.

That’s not Griffin. And it’s not his current competitor for the backup job, Sean Renfree, whose seven career pass attempts are seven more than Griffin has taken in the same four years he’s been in the league.

So, as we wrote earlier, the Bucs search for a veteran backup is continuing. After all, there are still plenty out there to choose from, including Robert Griffin III, Colin Kaepernick and Ryan Fitzpatrick.

The list literally goes on and on: Case Keenum, Blaine Gabbert, Shaun Hill. A good starting quarterback is indeed hard to find these days, but a capable veteran backup with loads of experience under his belt, not so much.

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