Could Bucs get “DeSean Jackson Clone” by drafting John Ross?

Photo by Doug Stringer/Icon Sportswire


The Buccaneers definitely made a free agency splash and seriously upgraded their speed in signing DeSean Jackson from the Redskins. Now, the Bucs and everyone else, are looking at Washington Husky draft prospect John Ross and wondering if he’s not the same type of game breaking speedster.

The comparisons are these: similar size and stature to Jackson, a blazing 4.22 in the 40 at the NFL Scouting Combine in February,  and having played in the same conference, the Pac-12. Oh, and as Ross recently revealed in an interview on set with the NFL Network, he’s buds with DeSean, works out with him and considers him like “family.”

Here’s more, including the interview:

Ross, also talked in the interview about having his shoulder scoped in March, but as speedy wideouts go, that’s not that big of a concern and he should be fully healthy by training camp.

What definitely is eye popping is not only did Ross have the 2nd most receiving TD’s in the country last year (17) but had 23 career TDs in just 112 receptions in Seattle. That’s a 1 to 5 TD ratio and tells you that he knows how to make big plays and find the end zone.

Even though he was stymied for the most part in the Peach Bowl loss to Alabama, it was one game and that’s not an indication, in and of itself, that he can’t succeed in an NFL with better coaching and scheming. One thing’s for sure, he has what you cannot teach, warp speed.

As the NFL Network video suggests, their draft analysts project Ross going mid-first round. Of course the Bucs pick 19th currently, and he may very likely still be on the board, when it’s their turn.

And just him discussing his relationship with DeSean Jackson has to have fans of the Pewter and Red very intrigued that Ross could end up with DeSean Jackson and Mike Evans in receiver sets that would create nightmares for NFC South secondaries on a regular basis.

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