Bucs DeSean Jackson speaks out on end zone celebrations debate

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New Buccaneers wide receiver DeSean Jackson is going on 31, but says he feels like he’s 26. He certainly plays like he’s 26, but when it comes to celebrating touchdowns he says he intends to act his age.

Though he’s thrown together some truly elaborate touchdown celebrations in the past, including a couple where he’s celebrated a bit too early (dropping the ball on the before the goal line in Dallas comes to mind). Now, Jackson says those days are likely over.

“I like to get it in a little bit,’’ Jackson joked when asked about dancing in the end zone during an interview on ESPN’s SportsCenter on Thursday. “I’m just trying to keep up with the young (players).

“I like to keep it clean and still have some fun, but I’m not like I used to be when I was younger. I can’t be out there dancing and all that. I’ve got to save my energy for running deep.’’

The Bucs will be happy to hear that. So will the NFL, which plans to release a training video later this year that will show players what celebrations should and should not look like.

The idea behind the video is to further relieve game officials of having to determine what is appropriate and inappropriate behavior and Jackson is one of those who believes the league should just let the players have fun.

“You go back to when I was in college and all I wanted to do was get to the NFL and then you to get to the NFL and you find out there are certain rules,’’ Jackson said.

“You find out that you get fined for your shirt not being tucked in; you could find for your socks (not being high enough). There’s just a lot of things you wouldn’t expect.

“When you’re a young kid and you want to get to the NFL, you want to get there to have fun. That’s the image you have, because when you’re younger there’s so much more you can do.

“You want to throw the ball in the stands. You Want to go dance. So I think you’ve got to let guys be themselves, let their personality show. That’s what people pay their money to come to the games for.’’

It might be one of the reasons fans pay to see games but if anyone pays to see Jackson do a back-flip into the end zone this year, they may end up wanting their money back.

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