Bucs at 53 guys….. Did you say, Over?!?

(Photo by Michael Wade/Icon Sportswire)


The Buccaneers officially reduced their roster to the league’s 53-man mandatory limit on Saturday. You may have noticed that we didn’t refer to that roster as the “final’’ 53-man roster.

There’s a reason for that. Few things in the NFL are less final than a “final’’ 53-man roster, and the Bucs may still have some tinkering to do, particularly at the wide receiver spot.

"Bluto" says beware of NFL "Final" cuts

“Bluto” says beware of NFL “Final” cuts

Evan Spencer made the cut, but his presence is due in small part to the fact that Kenny Bell and Bernard Reedy are hurt and Jonathan Krause and Freddy Martino were just plain inconsistent.

Then there’s cornerback Johnthan Banks. The Bucs first pick in the 2013 NFL Draft has bounced back well from horrid training camp but the Bucs may still want to work a trade with him.

The biggest surprises to make the roster, of course, are tight end Alan Cross, defensive linemen DaVonte Lambert and Channing Ward and offensive lineman Leonard Wester.

The Bucs love Cross’s toughness and smarts, they adore Lambert’s and Ward’s versatility and they like Wester’s size, but they all look like projects who might fit better on the practice squad, at least for now.

Something to keep in mind, Sunday is a work day in the NFL, which means teams can add and delete players from their roster, so changes could start to come at any moment.

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