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Who is legally “Fitz-magic?”

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“Fitz-magic” belongs to the guy in Tampa Bay, for now.

The off-field debate about, who has the legal trademark rights to the phrase “Fitz-magic” has been going on for several months now between Miami Dolphins rookie defensive back Minkah Fitzpatrick and the US Patent and Trademark office.

Well apparently that office has ruled against the Dolphins Fitzpatrick and in favor of the Buccaneers veteran quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick. Here’s more from Wednesday night:

The Dolphins Fitzpatrick was seeking to trademark the phrase in September that he says his family and friends have been calling him since his high school days before ever playing and starring at the University of Alabama. Minkah Fitzpatrick was the Dolphins first round pick a year ago and just concluded a solid rookie season. He started 11 games with 80 tackles and two interceptions with one being returned for a touchdown.

Meanwhile, the Buccaneers Fitzpatrick electrified the Tampa Bay area in the first two weeks of the season with his quarterback play. Ryan Fitzpatrick was named the NFC offensive player of the week for both victories over the New Orleans Saints and the Philadelphia Eagles. And, this reignited the town using the phrase “Fitz-magic,” referring to him.

Also important, was in his previous stop with the Jets with the the media and fans on the internet, etc. referring Ryan Fitzpatrick as either “Fitz-magic” or “Fitz-tragic” depending on his play, while he was quarterbacking games in New York.

It’s not clear how much Ryan Fitzpatrick or his legal representatives contested Minkah Fitzpatrick’s trying to own the trademark on the phrase. However, clearly someone did contest it, and that’s the reason for the ruling.

We will await further details, as to who actually will get the trademark rights to use “Fitz-magic,” commercially, on merchandise, etc. and that still may take more time to decide.

Also coincidentally, the Dolphins have filed with that same office in D.C. to trademark the phrase “Miami Miracle” after their last second, crazy double lateral, Kenyan Drake touchdown that won the game against the New England Patriots in December.

That request is also pending and will take several more weeks before a decision is rendered.

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