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Warren Sapp knows he isn’t cut out for coaching

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With the Buccaneers electing to make a change and fire defensive line coach Jay Hayes, speculation immediately turned to the interest/qualifications of former Tampa Bay Hall of Fame defensive tackle, Warren Sapp. Specifically, it’s been a topic on Tampa Bay sports radio, the internet, etc., wondering whether Sapp would want to coach, but more importantly if he could be effective?

Well, wonder no more.

Sapp, quickly squelched the speculative talk about whether he would become the new defensive line coach for the Bucs. And, he also offered up great reasoning and self awareness, as to why staying away for him is the right move.

One thing about the Hall of Famer, he definitely doesn’t “mince words” and in this case, was even critical of his own personality being a hindrance with players, who didn’t live up to his expectations.

It’s not that Sapp isn’t qualified. He registered 96.5 career sacks which is amazing for a defensive tackle and is generally regarded as the best interior lineman of the late 90’s and the early 2000’s. Sapp went into the Hall of Fame in 2013.

An intriguing part of his answer on whether he might be interested in coaching with the Buccaneers was “No….even after talking to Jon.”

That is referring to his former coach with the Bucs, Jon Gruden. And that during the Super Bowl reunion with his players, where Gruden’s name went into the “Ring of Honor” in Tampa back on December 17th, Gruden was talking with Sapp about maybe coming to coach with him, if he came back.

Gruden did come back three weeks later rejoining the Raiders as head coach, who Sapp finished his career with in 2007. Alas, Sapp will not be joining “Chucky,” either.

What was also refreshing to hear in that Q and A was Sapp being very honest that he simply doesn’t have the patience and the desire that he knows assistant coaches must have. It’s a grind day after day watching film, in the meeting room and on field instruction.

“Knowing what you don’t know” is a 2000’s saying, but it applies here.

Sapp knows he’s not a coach.

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