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The “Wolf of Winston Street?”

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The Buccaneers are back on the practice field and preparing for what is an important road game against the Bears on Sunday. And the one question everyone wants answered is: when will Jameis Winston resume, as their starting quarterback?

Say this, it’s not an easy decision for coach Dirk Koetter, particularly because, backup quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick has played tremendous football over the course of three games with the Buccaneers going 2 – 1. In fact, Fitzpatrick has become the first quarterback in the history of the NFL to throw for 400 yards in three consecutive games.

Fitzpatrick has also led the Bucs with 11 touchdown passes and their offense has scored 96 points in those three games.

As we wrote yesterday, Winston is back in the building and practiced with the team Wedneday. And, he  also met with the media saying all of the right things about his return and the situation.

Koetter has yet to divulge exactly what the plan is, but the belief is Fitzpatrick will start the fourth consecutive game Sunday and Winston will be at the ready to back him up due to injury or ineffective play.

With all of that being said, here was a humorous take on the situation last night on Fox Sports 1 and their, “Speak for Yourself” weeknight show. Host Jason Whitlock, who’s been a long time commentator and TV personality, took the approach of the 2013 Leonardo DiCaprio movie character in  “The Wolf of Wall Street.”

Take a look:

DiCaprio’s portrayal of Wall Street blue collar investor and trader Jordan Belfort’s life, drew critical acclaim. In particular, for the scene that Whitlock is mocking, where DiCaprio is addressing his staff and Wall Street traders, while their company is under siege from the government and financial problems.

And while there’s humor in what Whitlock was doing, there’s also a football reality that Koetter is having to come to a decision.

Does he continue to ride the hot hand with Fitzpatrick or does he go back to the guy that was the franchise quarterback.

Will he be “the Wolf of Winston Street,” as Whtilock joked or not?

Time will tell.

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