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The silliness of suggesting Bucs trade WR DeSean Jackson, now

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We have the full understanding that it’s the summer doldrums of the pro football, and other than teams working out with OTAs and mini-camps or an occasional arrest, etc. there’s not much news.

So, often times, sites and writers will just create conjecture, not based on anything, …just to create it and hope people “click.”

So, when CBS and writer Ryan Wilson decided Tuesday to put out a list of possible trades that could happen, now that the new league year (June 1st) has begun, it had the name DeSean Jackson.

Regardless of the premise of salary cap relief, that the Bucs would consider trading Jackson post free agency and post draft makes it pure silliness.

Yes, he has a large price tag at $11 million for this season, but that’s just the 15th highest priced receiver contract in the league for 2018.

And further, the Bucs can get out of his deal after this season with no future cap hit, if they want.

Then, you consider that a team in need of a receiver would have possibly given the Buccaneers at least a #2, if not a #1 pick in return in April’s draft. Granted the Dolphins practically gave the Browns Jarvis Landry for a third round pick this year and another pick in 2019, but still.

The bottom line is that the Bucs don’t have another speed burning proven receiver on their roster. And Jackson is a threat that allows Mike Evans, Chris Godwin, Adam Humphries and tight ends like Cameron Brate and O.J. Howard to operate.

Now, it was well documented that QB Jameis Winston struggled throughout 2017 trying to find Jackson with the deep ball, but that is something that can improve. And to that end, Jackson discussed earlier this off season he worked with Winston and Evans both at Texas A&M’s campus and in L.A., extensively.

It’s work that they didn’t do together away from the facility last March through June after Jackson signed his free agent deal with the Bucs.

And, one more factor, trading Jackson at this stage would obviously anger Winston and likely cause upheaval in the offensive meeting room.

In conclusion, it simply makes no sense.

No matter the cap benefit, there’s zero chance Tampa Bay would part with DeSean Jackson at this stage headed to the season.

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Avatar

    Mathew Keen

    August 12, 2018 at 2:51 am

    U are literally delusional if u think Desean Jackson ever would have gotten the Bucs a 2nd let alone a first. The Eagles got nothing for him when he was making less and 6 years younger coming off a 1,300 yard season. He would have tops brought a 5th, but even that is highly unlikely.

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