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Still no clarity in NFL investigation of Bucs QB Jameis Winston

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It was eight months ago today, November 17th, 2017, that the media/public first learned of an Arizona female Uber driver’s 2016 accusation that she had been inappropriately touched by Buccaneers QB Jameis Winston.

We have written extensively about the accusation from March of 2016 where Winston was out assisting a football camp hosted by Kurt Warner, Winston’s vehement denial, and the NFL launching an investigation under the personal conduct policy powers of Commissioner Roger Goodell. However, there has been scant information these last few months.

In fact, we wrote that as the “investigation,” or whatever the NFL is still doing at this point, dragged onto into May, that NFL is actually being unfair to Winston and his team.

Simply, they should, after eight months now: either reveal what else they have learned-who they believe and what they are going to do. Or, they should clear Winston for lack of any corroboration to the accuser’s version.

They owe that to the accuser, but also to Winston, and also from the football standpoint, the Bucs need to know if they are dealing with a single or possible multi-game suspension to start the regular season.

The NFL has suffered from repeated embarrassments from how they didn’t handle the Ray Rice domestic violence incident caught on casino surveillance video. What they did, and didn’t do, with the allegations of Patriots and deflating footballs during a 2015 playoff game. And recently, the suspension before the 2017 season of Ezekiel Elliott for six games for a domestic violence accusation that he was never charged, much less convicted of.

While Winston isn’t playing for the Patriots or the Cowboys, he is the franchise player on an NFL team and is in a critical year for his own career, and for that of coach Dirk Koetter and the Bucs coaching staff.

The allegation was/is a serious one, but at this point, it’s been 240 days or so, and either it has merit or it doesn’t.

And, the NFL should say so.

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