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Reports conflict on Bucs Jameis Winston being suspended 3-4 games

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We continue to wonder what kind of punishment, if at all, the NFL will Levy against Buccaneers quarterback Jameis Winston for the alleged incident that happened with a female Uber driver in March of 2016 in Arizona.

Now, a Tallahassee radio host talked about Wednesday afternoon what he claims is insight into the situation. And, if what he was saying on the radio is true, the Buccaneers and Winston are looking at a multiple game suspension. However, there is now conflicting information about the radio report.

First, Jeff Cameron is the radio personality in Tallahassee that made the claims on his afternoon show Wednesday. For some background, Cameron station is the ESPN Radio affiliate in the market and he has been on radio in Tallahassee for more than 15 years.

Cameron also has a close relationship with Winston, his family, and circle a friends/advisors. So much so, that Cameron was invited to be at Jameis Winston’s personal draft party in Alabama the night the Bucs took him #1 overall in April of 2015.

Here is in part what Cameron said on the radio show Wednesday afternoon about what he says the Winston Camp is saying to him (an important distinction) about what they expect to happen:

“The Winston camp is prepared for the NFL to levy a suspension of some kind,” Cameron said. “The thought from the Winston camp is that would be a maximum of three games. I do not know at this time whether or not they plan to appeal, and I do not know that three games is an accurate number. I’ve been told that would seem to be the maximum number of games that the suspension could be. It’s also likely that it’s less than that and it’s one game.”

Again pay close attention to “the thought from the Winston camp.”

That doesn’t necessarily mean it is what will happen. And oftentimes advisors, lawyers agents, etc. prepare the person they’re representing for the worst. So, that part lines up with what could happen.

Furthermore, and this is important, Winston claims there is a witness not only that what went on, but that witness, his former FSU teammate and now Philadelphia Eagle, Ronald Darby, is the one that was actually in the front seat with the Arizona female Uber driver in March of 2016.

As we have been writing and reporting, you have to believe by now the NFL has taken Winston statement and the his side of the story. And further, you have to believe that they’ve at least spoken to Darby by now about his involvement or what he saw happen or didn’t happen.

Now, on the point about Winston being in jeopardy for “failure to report to the NFL.” Cameron talked about this on the Wednesday radio show. And, the NFL obviously could suspend Winston for a game for that reason. And, that may very well be what the NFL eventually does later this summer.

While the female Uber driver filed a report with Uber, she never filed criminal or civil complaints against Winston. Still, Uber believed the driver enough that they elected to ban Winston from their service for life.

He knew that there had been an accusation, had been banned and he appealed that with Uber eventually denying his appeal.

So, if the NFL wants to rule that he should have told them about what was going on and that’s a violation of the personal conduct policy, they have grounds for that.

However, as Rick Stroud, who is the longtime 25 year Buccaneer beat writer for the Tampa Bay Times, was pointing out on social media Wednesday night:  he believes “failure to report” does not rise to the level of a multiple game suspension

Instead, the multiple game suspension would come from the NFL having evidence of some kind of verification of the accuser story and what Winston, actually did.

Here is another report from a Bucs themed website that claims to have been speaking to what they say is “a league source.” And that source, tells the site that pieces of the story on both sides don’t add up.

And therefore the NFL is in the middle of a “she said-he said” situation and trying to figure out who to believe.

This brings us back at the likelihood that Winston would, at most, be suspended a game or the NFL may do nothing at all standing behind that they could not substantiate what she told them.

Another important point that we have raised previously is: we do not know how cooperative the accuser has been and all of this.

And. the NFL is doing a disservice to everyone, including Winston and the Buccaneers, the longer they continue to drag this out, at now 10 months and counting.

The Buccaneers are slated to open the regular season at New Orleans and then will play in week 2 in their home opener against the Eagles. If you’re wondering what the third game Winston would potentially miss according to this report? It’s a Monday night home showdown with the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Also, it’s important to note that even if there’s a suspension of any kind/length, Winston will still participate in training camp and preseason games before the hypothetical suspension would take place in the regular season.

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