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You have to break up the monotony of training camp some how, and the Buccaneers used a creative way to close out their final camp practice of 2018. Ping Pong.

Yes, sometimes it’s simple games that help a team bond. And apparently for the Bucs, table tennis is a big deal.

So at the conclusion of practice coach Dirk Koetter decided to let the players decide how their running/conditioning would go. Specifically, he let veterans, tight end Alan Cross for the offense and defensive back/special teams ace, Josh Robinson, go for the defense.

One on one. Head to head.

Winning player got his fellow side out of the sprints for Wednesday. Here’s the video of how it transpired late Wednesday morning:

We give props to both players for doing table tennis battle with shoulder pads and helmets on, and in Robinson’s case, he even had the tinted visor working, too.

In the end, the likeable Cross, who’s nicknamed by his teammates “Honcho” after a character in a Will Ferrell movie, prevailed to get the offense out of the running. He even mimicked the character’s dance at the end of the video, as well. Cross has also proven beneficial on the field with his preseason touchdown catch (above) to help the Bucs defeat the Dolphins week one.

So with the team bonding moment over, the Buccaneers now turn their attention to their third preseason game hosting the Lions on Friday night.

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