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NFL Insider Peter King- “McCoy wanted out”

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On this Memorial Day, a prominent NFL media number has weighed in on Gerald McCoy’s departure from the Buccaneers.

McCoy was released a week ago, as the Buccaneers saved $13 million (his 2019 scheduled salary) and later in the week used that money to sign fellow 2010 top pick defensive tackle Ndamukong Suh to a one-year deal for less money.

On Monday morning, ProFootballTalk and former NBC NFL Insider, Peter King, weighed in briefly on what he knows about the situation in his “Football Morning in America,” column:

While King wrote the words “McCoy wanted out,”  he didn’t complete the entire picture on the situation.

McCoy had made it clear throughout his playing career in Tampa Bay that he wanted to finish it as a Buccaneer, and he signed a lucrative six-year contract three seasons ago to make sure of that.

Further, we at F.F.I. have learned and written multiple times this offseason, that McCoy was being pressured to reduce his salary significantly, if he wanted to remain a Buccaneer. So much so, that McCoy was essentially being told in the last two months that he could not be back in the Buccaneers building working out without agreeing to the pay cut/restructure.

So, it was not so much of a case of him “wanting out,” as it was the Bucs “wanting him for less” or them “wanting him out.”

Suh agree to a one-year deal and reportedly will receive just over $9 million in base salary or about 75% of what McCoy was going to make. Suh could make more with certain incentives being met, and there is obviously a low-risk long-term for the Bucs on the one year deal.

As for McCoy, he visited the Cleveland Browns on Friday and is scheduled to talk with the Baltimore Ravens on Tuesday. We continue to repeatedly write that the New Orleans Saints are the most logical landing spot for McCoy due to his relationship with Drew Brees. The two have worked out together repeatedly in multiple off seasons in San Diego, including this Spring.

The Saints do have room under their cap, and even could create more space releasing or restructuring other players’ deals. Plus, McCoy has already made over $100 million in salary in his nine year career and could elect to take less in 2019 from a contending New Orleans team that plays the Buccaneers twice this season.

If you are looking at what is the most likely scenario? The Saints would be it.

Still, McCoy is going to take his time and weigh all the offers.