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New Superbowl regular rotation apparently includes Miami, but not Tampa?

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On Wednesday at the NFL Owner’s Meetings in Atlanta, the league as expected awarded the next two available Superbowls (LVII and LVIII) to Arizona and New Orleans. And the owners and league office have apparently also decided to go to a permanent rotation of certain sites for football’s biggest game.

As Pro Football Talk reported Wednesday, those two sites are apparently also going to be part of a small regular rotation for the game moving forward. And included in that plan, is Hard Rock Stadium in Miami Gardens, the home of the Dolphins.

Hard Rock Stadium is back in the rotation to host the game, again, after the 2019 season for Superbowl LIV (54) in February of 2020. It’s the first time that Miami will have hosted the game in a decade.

And, Chris Perkins of the Sun Sentinel had more on the South Florida efforts that landed them the game:

As Perkins wrote, one of the biggest keys are the massive improvements and upgrades to Hard Rock Stadium, including a huge financial commitment from Fins owner Stephen Ross. And they were optimistic at the awarding of LIV about it getting them future Superbowls:

“We were confident,” said Rodney Barreto, Chairman of the Super Bowl Host Committee. “It was definitely our most competitive bid ever.”

Among the reasons Barreto cited for South Florida being awarded a Super Bowl in 2020: “A $450-million-plus enhancement to Dolphins’ stadium. A budget of cash and incentives valued at more than $40 million. A warm weather destination that always delivers. Always,” he said.

“We are truly thankful to Mr. Stephen Ross, owner of the Miami Dolphins, for all his support and assistance throughout this process.”

Now, a regular spot appears in their future.

But what about the site of Superbowl LV, Raymond James Stadium, in Tampa?

Just like Hard Rock Stadium, the Bucs, and the Tampa Sports Authority are in the process of concluding a three year renovation to Raymond James. And it helped Tampa Bay get the Superbowl again, when L.A.’s stadium was not going to be ready in time to host the February 2021 game.

However, with that new L.A. stadium coming online. Plus, the one in Las Vegas that the Raiders are moving too, and the one in Arizona, it looks to be a four or five (New Orleans and Miami) at the most in this new rotation.

Tampa boasts the same warm weather, beaches, golf, etc, as Miami and has the same fantastic upgraded facility, which has previously hosted two Superbowls since 1998.

Yet, the reporting, so far, doesn’t include West Central Florida.

It’s also likely from what’s been reported that that other cities, Dallas, Atlanta, etc. can get back in, on an occasional basis down the road. Perhaps, Tampa Bay can be in on that.

Again, the NFL is slated to make this official soon, and they have to be very pleased with what they are hearing in Miami.

The Glazers, the Bucs, and Tampa Bay, while happy to get one more big game, but is only left to hope for more.