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Former Bucs QB/TV analyst Trent Dilfer is back, and loves QB Josh Allen’s arm

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Former Buccaneers quarterback and first round pick turned TV star analyst Trent Dilfer has resurfaced on a new series of features for the NFL Network. Oh, and on the first installment, he’s a big fan/believer in Wyoming quarterback Josh Allen

More on that in a bit.

First, post playing career, that included a six year stint with the Bucs and eventually, a Super Bowl win with the Baltimore Ravens, Dilfer had settled in as one of the top NFL analysts on ESPN. Unfortunately, a year ago at this time, he was caught up in the newest wave of ESPN budget cuts, where they laid off over 100 staff members including him.

It’s curious because from two different sources, Dilfer was well liked behind the scenes and was at one point being groomed to potentially be Jon Gruden’s replacement in the Monday Night Football booth, if Gruden went back to coach. Ironically, that has now happened for 2017 and Dilfer has been off the air for a year, while ESPN has still been paying him.

And further, ESPN has been auditioning possible analysts, like his QB contemporaries, Brett Favre and apparently recently Kurt Warner, for the Monday Night Football broadcasts without success, so far.

Back to Dilfer, the strength of his analysis has always been quarterback play and he is also done extensive work off the air with high school quarterbacks and their off season camps, Etc.

And, this new project is with another former ESPN personality and science/analytics guru John Brenkus. They are now teaming up with the NFL Network and their first edition of “Soul and Science” featured the quick release and velocity of Josh Allen. Here’s the full segment:

That item only confirms what we seen throughout the draft evaluation process: Allen has a phenomenal arm and physical talent. Their numbers and the metrics only reinforce it.

Interestingly, as Brenkus and Dilfer briefly discuss, one of the knocks on Allen’s game is his low completion percentage in his career at Wyoming. Again ironically, Dilfer was one of the most accurate quarterbacks in NCAA football history coming out of Fresno State, when the Buccaneers drafted him fifth overall in 1994.

However, Dilfer would be the first one to admit he was not a very accurate quarterback in the NFL. It did not translate for him to the pros.

So, will Allen improve in that regard? That’s the big debate.

Still, this is an interesting way to analyze and study quarterbacks and good for Dilfer, who’s likeable and good on the air, that he’s back on TV.

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