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Tampa Bay Buccaneers

First hint by Bucs of uniforms- color scheme change coming?

Florida Football Insiders



Are the Bucs about ready to undergo another color scheme / uniform change? A social media post Wednesday morning is the first legitimate clue that they might be.

The Buccaneers posted a video of an artist working with old newspaper clippings and spray cans. And, that is sure to stir up their fans that a color scheme and uniform change could be coming for the first time since 2014:

The original expansion Buccaneers had a color scheme of primarily orange jerseys and white pants, with the infamous “Bucco Bruce” pirate with a knife in his mouth as the logo on a white helmet. The franchise stuck with that scheme and logo all the way into the 1990s until the Glazer family bought the team and changed the color scheme and the logo for the first time in 1997.

That color scheme has primarily been red jerseys with pewter pants and a pewter helmet with a Buccaneer flag showing a skull and crossing swords on it, ever since.

Now, the Glazers enhanced the logo and brightened the red colors in the 2014 changes like what LB Lavonte David is seen wearing above.

However, no matter the differences in uniform colors and enhancements of the logo, the football on the field has not resulted in a playoff appearance during the last 12 seasons.

Still, there has been a growing movement from some Buccaneer fans that the team should really embrace the primarily orange colors of the original franchise. Further, a switch to a white helmet with the logo would allow the Bucs to utilize that color scheme at least for a couple of “throwback games” every year, if they still want to keep the current logo with the red and the pewter.

Currently, Tampa Bay has not been able to wear the orange with the white helmet. This is because, as part of the NFL concussion protocols and studies, the league has restricted teams from switching to different helmets with players during a season.

Therefore, the Bucs can’t go from their pewter helmets to white ones with the old logo. The last throwback game that the Buccaneers participated with the orange color scheme and the old logo in was in 2012.

While the Bucs and the Glazers have not said anything official about changing uniforms, this process usually takes over a year to notify the NFL and get approval from them.  Then, typically is announced in the early spring to give time for merchandise to be coordinated and sold around the NFL Draft and then, the build-up to the season.

It should be noted that the Buccaneers NFC South Rivals, the Atlanta Falcons, have already made mention that they are changing their uniforms and color scheme. And, it’s believed that they will go back in 2020 to their original base color of red including possibly red helmets and potentially, primarily gray pants that they wore for over twenty years.

The Falcons have had black helmets for the better part of 30 years going back to Jerry Glanville changing the color scheme to primarily black jerseys in his days at the Falcons coach in the early 1990s.

Back to the Bucs. There is no other team in the NFL that has orange as their primary jersey color. The Bengals Broncos and Browns have occasionally worn orange “alternate jerseys” but not full time.

So, if the Glazers are again embracing a change to mostly orange jerseys, it will be unique.

However, all of this may simply be hype and the owners and the Buccaneers may not be drastically altering anything with their logo or their red and pewter colors.

We’ll just have to wait to for more clues like Wednesday.