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Consensus of mock drafts have Bucs going defense or trading at #7

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Now less than two weeks from the commencement of the 2018 NFL Draft in Arlington, TX, the anticipation and rumor mongering escalates, even more. So, too, does the educated guesswork known as “mock drafts.”

We have written repeatedly this phenomenon grips NFL fans and observers alike. “Who does “so and so” have us taking?” is a common theme for fans this time of year. “How correct is (insert name) year after year at projecting who takes what?”

These are the types of questions that are at the core of someone trying to predict what happens.

It’s not easy and in fact, beyond around the 10th pick (or sooner) almost every mock draft is toast. This is mostly because by that time, one-three trades get made, two-three strange picks happen and the projections are out of the window.

So, with all of that as a disclaimer, the only state NFL team that is currently within the top 10 of the NFL Draft (currently 7th) is the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

And here now is a quick rundown of what some of the “mock drafters of note” see the Bucs doing.

On Thursday night on NFL Network, Bucky Brooks, a former NFL safety and now draft analyst for them, held a live reveal of his latest top 10 picks. He was joined by former college QB and Fox Sports TV analyst Joel Klatt, who also gave his top 10.

And on this same show, Maurice Jones-Drew, the former longtime Jaguars running back and NFL Network analyst, also weighed in with best player projected spots at the top of the draft.

Their opinions were:

Brooks had the Buccaneers selecting FSU safety Derwin James with the seventh overall selection. The Bucs have brought James in to their facility recently, and obviously could solidify their secondary with that pick.

Jones-Drew also agreed that Tampa Bay would go safety with James in his mock top 10.

And finally, Klatt, with Saquon Barkley, Bradley Chubb and Quenton Nelson all off his board before the #7 spot, had Tampa Bay trading with the Bills, who desperately want one of the four-five prime QBs.

Now, besides that television show last night, Joe Marino from our partner at Fanrag Sports and NDT Scouting has out his latest mock draft. You will want to pay more attention to Joe’s analysis and opinions, when it comes to mock projections, because he had the documented highest percentage of correct teams/selections in the first round of the 2017 draft last year.

And, Marino in this case for the Bucs thinks?

Well, he agrees with Klatt that with three QB’s off the board and no Barkley or Chubb for Tampa Bay to take either, that Tampa Bay will trade with the Buffalo Bills at #7, who want the QB.

Finally, the ESPN duo of Mel Kiper Jr. (the man who made “mock drafting” into a business 30 years ago) and Todd McShay, who both will anchor/analyze the draft for three days on the network, also have their latest versions out earlier this week. And, both agree on a player at #7 for the Buccaneers:

Denzel Ward, defensive back, THE Ohio State University.

So, there you go.

Six opinions, and four have a defensive back and the other two agree on the Bucs dealing the pick to the Buffalo Bills.

In the end, this simply good conversation starter, however, it’s interesting that the trend that these guys believe is for defense or trade, for now, for the Buccaneers.

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