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Bucs DeSean Jackson says he-Jameis Winston have to “put work in” 2018

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Normally, we don’t pay much attention to the programming during the day on Fox Sports 1 cable channel (and we are in the majority). In particular the mostly annoying talk t.v. “Undisputed” with Skip (Bayless) and Shannon (Sharpe)” has very little in the way of value day in and day out.

Bayless and Sharpe have largely been wasting everyone’s time with silly arguments and opinions that almost no one watches. In particular, Sports Illustrated media critic, Richard Deitsch has been a relentless critic of the content, dumb things that are repeatedly said, and constantly points out on Twitter how often Disney t.v. programming and re-runs of things like “Murder She Wrote” and “Matlock” have four and five times the audience of “Undisputed.”

It’s actually pretty funny on a regular basis.

However, on Friday morning in L.A., when the show had Bucs WR DeSean Jackson on their program as a special guest and contributor, we perked up.

Now, Bayless and Sharpe spent the first 10 minute segment talking with Jackson about his former teams, like the Eagles winning the Super Bowl, and the Redskins/Kirk Cousins likely free agency.

But then, the Q and A in the second segment turned to the Buccaneers, and in particular not connecting on deep throws with QB Jameis Winston, etc. Here’s a quick recap:

(On this off season approach with Winston)

“180 (degree) turn. I mean, off-season we’re coming in working, put the time in. We got like three days in.  Just going on to Texas A&M, where his coach (Jimbo Fisher)… coaches now. Going to go there and see Jimbo. Mike Evans is out there (A&M). He’s going to come out there. He’s going to come out here to L.A.”

(About the Bucs short comings after so much hype in the off season)

“I think we have to merge.. last year everything kind of happened at the snap of a finger. You got the offseason. You got free agent signings. Everybody was happy about the off-season, but the work has to be put in.”

(Jackson was about about lack deep pass connections with Winston in 2017)

“As far as me getting down the field, we got to get that timing down pat… Last year we were missing a couple of big-time hits. This year we can’t afford that.”

(And finally, on if Jameis Winston has to tone down some of what we saw pregame and in the locker room with hyping the Buccaneers up)

He’s got to get back to hisself (sic). He’s got to get back to being Jameis Winston. He’s got to get back to going in the backyard playing and having fun….. You can’t put no “over pressure” (sic) on it…” Jackson concluded, “There’s nothing wrong with that (hyping the team up). I like all that. I like the energy. I like all the loud talking. As long as you’re able to do that and back it up, everything is good.”

Every thing was far from good in 2017, and Winston, Jackson and Evans all want a golf “mulligan” to try, again.

And it’s fascinating that for now they will not only work each other, but Winston will gather those two with his college coach, Fisher, in his new locale.

Time will judge if it pays off.

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