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Bucs coach Koetter concedes talk of his firing is an issue

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It’s not a surprise that rumors are swirling everywhere that the Bucs may fire their fourth head coach in seven January’s coming up. It is a slight surprise that Dirk Koetter addressed the topic Tuesday and honestly, conceded that talk of his dismissal is having an effect on everything.

The Buccaneers are in the midst of a five game losing streak that has turned a season of playoff promise into 4-11. So, naturally, the questions about his job security are coming this week and this weekend.

Known for his honesty, even to a fault, Koetter didn’t give “coach speak” to the media Tuesday afternoon, when he was directly asked, if whether speculation in the media and by the fans, etc. was having a negative impact on the end of this season.

“Well of course – it’s your life. It’s what you do. Just flip it around and of course it is,” Koetter said. “But we all, coaches and players, get paid to do a job. You try to do it to the best of your ability. That is all you can do.”

Koetter was also asked if the owners, the Glazers, who ultimately will make the decision on whether Koetter gets a third year, had spoken to him, yet, about his job status. “I do not have discussions with them about that, no.”

So, there you go.

The Glazers are following their same pattern, as with previous coaches Lovie Smith, Greg Schiano and Raheem Morris, over the last six years. All of them were fired at the end of disappointing seasons with losing streaks to conclude them, without the owners giving an indication one way or the other until it was over.

You have to credit the Buccaneers boss for at least not trying to deflect with “we’re not letting any outside speculation seep into our locker room,” etc., etc.

He was asked a legitimate question and gave a legitimate answer.

It’s also a reminder that in almost 99% of cases where a head coach or player in pro sports says they don’t read the internet, watch TV or listen to Sportsradio, they do. And their family and friends do, too.

They all hear the talk about the future and what could happen to their jobs.

It’s just not that often that a head coach acknowledges it.

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