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Bucs coach Dirk Koetter very pleased with Monday workout

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He hasn’t been afraid in the past to let his team know it when practice has been bad. So, when coach Dirk Koetter was upbeat and smiling while describing Monday morning’s latest training camp practice, then you know it was legitimate.

One of our best practices of the year,” Koetter told the media soon after the Bucs continued with another week of preparation.

The Bucs showed some of the flashes on both sides of the ball that has many wondering if 2018 will be a bounce back year.

Koetter continued:

“We had unbelievable energy. Both sides. You know, coming off a day off, sometimes these guys come out here and drag. The weather might have helped a little bit. I thought our energy was excellent all day. You’re always gonna coach execution when you’re working with this many guys. But, if they have good energy and they’re talking, communicating with each other, it’s gonna help our team get better.”

The energy needs to be there, as the team prepares to head to Nashville after Tuesday’s lighter workout and prepare for two days of practice with the Titans. Tampa Bay and Tennessee will square off in the second preseason game on Saturday night.

And, something in particular to keep an eye on is, the level of intensity by the visitors. A year ago in their first workout with the Jaguars, Koetter was none too pleased with his team’s performance in Jacksonville. However, they were better on day two, and eventually dominated the Jags in the preseason game.

It’s very easy for a team to fall into a trap of routine and doldrums. And Koetter knows, just like many other teams who do it, that practicing with another club to vary up the mundane part of training camp will help. As an example, the Jaguars will be working with the Vikings this week in Minnesota.

And the Bucs hope that their Monday practice carries over to Nashville.

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