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Bucs clowned about “Draft Parrot” on Final Jeopardy Tuesday night

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There everyone was minding their own business, going on with their Tuesday night and the most popular question game show of all time goes ahead and makes fun of…. the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

On the latest edition of Jeopardy, the show that makes you answer in the form of a question, the “Final Jeopardy” category was the NFL. And, when host Alex Trebek brought the audience back from the commercials, he revealed the clue for the three contestants:

The final clue revealed:

“For the 2018 draft this team tried to use a parrot to make a pick; the bird got stage fright”

With that, the contestants were off to try and guess what had happened earlier in April NFL Draft. That’s when the Bucs decided to use Zsa Zsa, a trained parrot from the Florida Bird Sanctuary, to announce one of their middle round draft picks on the third day.

As the answer implied, Zsa Zsa had stage fright, and never said a word on national TV. And, the parrot handler had to announce the selection by the Buccaneers, instead.

We wrote previously about the silliness of the Bucs electing to use a bird and having the gimmick backfire.

Now, that being written, the last day of the draft has been known for some silliness, when it comes to reading and reviewing picks. Teams have often used mascots, and don’t silly things with magicians, singers and more. But, still, the Bucs took it to a whole new level.

So much so, that even Jeopardy was paying attention Tuesday.

For the record: two of the contestants, including the winner on Tuesday night, got the clue correct. The third contestant incorrectly guessed, “Who are……the Cleveland Browns?”

Alas, when you’re talking about clown franchises, it’s tough to resist guessing the Browns on any of them.

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