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A Parrot?

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A parrot?

Never use the phrase “I’ve seen it all,” because the more the days, weeks and years go by, you keep seeing things in sports that defy logic, common sense and explanation.

Mark down Monday as one of those days. That’s the day in which the Buccaneers officially announced that they have “gone to the birds,” and will have a parrot, yes a parrot, announce their 4th round selection Saturday at the NFL draft.

The team touted, Zsa Zsa, a parrot from the Florida Exotic Bird Sanctuary in a press release Monday afternoon:

Look we get it. Teams are trying to be creative and attract attention in and around the draft. And obviously Zsa-Zsa and the Florida Exotic Bird Sanctuary are part of that and it’s attention getting for both. We are also part of this, as we are now promoting what they are doin.

But, you’ve almost reached the point of silliness, when instead of enlisting the help of former players, dignitaries or even fans that have won contests, that you are resorting to a gimmick with a bird.

Then again, the Buccaneers actually used a goofy looking green Parrot mascot in an orange jersey with a black pirate bandana on it’s head named “Scully” on the sidelines for the games in the mid-1990’s, too. That was quickly phased out by the then, new owners, the Glazers who installed “Captain Fear,” as the Bucs mascot over 15 years ago.

Now, it should be noted the team will do what most teams are doing in using former great players on night two of the draft.  And, former Pro Bowl defensive back Ronde Barber will announce the Bucs second round pick on Friday night from Arlington, TX.

And in their release, the Bucs announced will also utilize Lieutenant General C.Q. Brown of U.S. Central Command at MacDill Air Force Base in Tampa to announce the 5th round pick.

And, finally, the prominent South Tampa Plant High School ladies flag football team, which recently won the State 2A championship will get the honor of the Buccaneers sixth round pick announcement, as well.

Yes, “a bird in the hand is….”  well, better than relying on a bird for your draft selection.

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