Buccaneers QB Winston draws odd Game of Thrones comparison

photo by Samuel Stringer/Icon Sportswire


TAMPA – OK, we have officially reached the point in the NFL offseason where even the talking heads at the NFL Network have run out of anything substantial to say.

The proof of that came a few days back when the hosts of Good Morning Football started putting players through what it referred to as its NFL Player Character Converter.

We’re not making this up. The video is right here, and it shows Buccaneers quarterback Jameis Winston being put through the converter and coming out with a comparison to a Game of Thrones character.

Now, Winston has been compared to a lot of things. Coming out of college he was of course compared to a lot of quarterbacks, most notably Ben Roethlisberger, Byron Leftwich and Eli Manning.

He was also compared at times to Johnny Manziel and Ryan Leaf, many wondering if his issues off the field and what was then perceived as a lack of maturity indicated he possessed a crash-and-burn like quality.

Now, of course, he’s earning praise for being one of the game’s best young leaders, former Patriots guard Logan Mankins even comparing him at one point a couple years ago to Tom Brady.

We can’t seem to remember Winston ever being compared to a television character, however, so the comparison made in this video to Daenerys Targaryen is indeed a first. And quite a surprising first.

You can watch the video for the entire explanation, but the point Kyle Brandt makes is that “they both have a lot of titles and distinctions, both are natural leaders … and both will be on HBO this fall.’’

Well, we can’t necessarily say Brandt is wrong about any of that. In fact, it seems he’s right on the mark and he may be on the mark about one other thing as well.

Brandt added that the time has come now for both Targaryen and Winston to take full advantage of all the weapons they have (in Targaryen’s case it’s dragons) and “start to win’’

“With Jameis,’’ Brandt says, “It’s been three years now – third year – go get it. You’ve got your Dothraki – go. Full-grown dragons, full-grown DeSean (Jackson) and Mike Evans.’’

Even some of his co-hosts had a hard time following Brandt on this one, and we assume some Bucs fans will struggle a bit as well, but hey, it’s all in good fun.


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