Buccaneers GM Licht shines – readies for Hard Knocks close-up


TAMPA – The fall of Alabama tight end O.J. Howard into the Buccaneers laps during the first day of the NFL Draft came as quite a surprise to most draft observers.

It didn’t come as that much of a surprise to the Bucs, though.

General manager Jason Licht explained during an interview with the Good Morning Football crew on NFL Network on Tuesday that his staff told him to be prepared for Howard to fall to them.

As a result, Licht said the Bucs were probably “more elated than shocked’’ to land a player at No. 19 overall that they had coming off the board somewhere around 10th overall.

There’s more to the interview than that, though, including a little more insight into how the Bucs are feeling about running back Doug Martin and a real peek at Licht’s true personality.

You can see here that the weight of the draft is off of Licht’s shoulders and how cutting and funny he can be when he’s on his game, which he definitely was during this interview.

This is the kind of stuff HBO is hoping to get for its next season of “Hard Knocks,’’ but we suggest you look now because the pressure of training camp may cause Licht to button up a bit come late summer.


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