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Browns pick Brantley still in legal limbo

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When the Cleveland Browns selected former UF standout Caleb Brantley, they knew what kind of person they were acquiring. They knew Brantley was a force to be reckoned with at UF and once called himself “the best defensive tackle in the country.” They also knew that his character and legal issues may play a detrimental role should any team select him in the Draft.

On April 17, Brantley was accused of misdemeanor battery following an altercation at a bar in Gainesville on April 13. Two witnesses told Gainesville P.D. Brantley punched and knocked a female student unconscious, as well as dislodging one of her teeth. But, the Alachua County State Attorney’s office has yet to file charges.

According to this story on cleveland.com, a spokesperson for the State Attorney says they usually review these matters to determine charges for up to 45 days.

As the article also states, Brantley’s attorneys believe that the charges will be reduced or dropped shortly. As we wrote previously, the Browns made it clear when they drafted Brantley on day three that they may release him depending on the facts and any charges.

It’s possible that all of this could come to a resolution this week. But, it could also continue on for more time. Meanwhile,  The sixth-round pick hopes to begin his new journey, as he is expected to join the Browns at their rookie mini-camp next week.

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