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Breaking- UCF postpones Georgia Tech home game

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The after effects of Hurricane Irma Sunday and Monday for Orlando and Central Florida has claimed yet another college football game for this coming weekend, as UCF has already postponed it’s game Saturday with Georgia Tech.

The first reports surfaced Monday afternoon on Twitter from a Georgia based college football reporter:

Quinlan then had more intel on the situation, including an apparent offer by the Yellow Jackets to host the game in Atlanta this weekend:

UCF and Georgia Tech signed a “home and home” deal where the Knights got the first game in Orlando, but there is a future return game in Atlanta.

UCF made the official announcement shortly after 4 p.m. eastern time and and gave their reasons in their release:

There is no question that using Spectrum Stadium for a staging area for the national guard, work crews and others is a more a priority in the recovery efforts after Hurricane Irma than football. Still, there is a big issue for UCF’s season, as they now will have gone without two games.

The Knights and the AAC cancelled their conference opening home game with Memphis this past weekend due to the threat of Irma.

Rest assured, that UCF’s athletic director Danny White and school officials are working to figure out if this game with Georgia Tech can be made up in Orlando later in the season, somehow some way, but, it doesn’t appear likely.

That’s because UCF and Georgia Tech don’t share the same bye week later in the season. The Jackets bye week is October 7th and the Knights is October 28th.

There is the possibility, and it may be being discussed currently, that if neither the Knights or Yellow Jackets make their respective conference title game, that they could play each other on the make-up date of December 2nd.

Again, that is something might take all the way until the end of the year to determine for both schools, but then again, may be obvious by the beginning of November that neither are going to play for the conference title come December.

Howver, for now, it’s official that the bizarre beginning to 2017 continues and UCF will not play for the second straight week.

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