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Breaking- SEC amends graduate transfer consequence

Photo by David Rosenblum/Icon Sportswire


Let the rejoicing in Gainesville begin. The SEC decided on Friday in Destin that it do away with the graduate transfer consequence that had been standing in the way of Notre Dame QB Malik Zaire coming to play for the Gators.

We wrote earlier this week that the conference should “stick to it’s guns” and leave the consequences for not abiding by SEC transfer policy in place.

Well, on Friday the SEC decided to reduce the three year waiting consequence down to just one year, and this will open the door for the Gators to get their QB.

Two more points about this. Zaire has not made his transfer decision officially, but reports over the past two weeks have said that Florida is the choice. And, it would still be an open competition with Del Rio, once he’s healthy, plus the talented Franks. Both of those players have been through a previous season, and now this off season with coach Jim McElwain’s system and expectations.

Still, it’s a victory for the Gators, if Zaire follows through and heads to Gainesville.

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