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Bortles knows he must improve

(Photo by David Rosenblum/Icon Sportswire)


Jaguars quarterback Blake Bortles is a goal-oriented kind of guy. For instance, one of the goals he set for himself for this season was to get his completion percentage up over the 60-percent mark.


Bortles has completed 61.8-percent of his passes so far this year (55-of-89) for 649 yards, the second most in the AFC. He’s still not happy with his overall play, however.

Why? Turnovers.

Bortles has been responsible for all four of the Jaguars giveaways this year (three interceptions and a lost fumble), which is why he says he’s to blame for the Jaguars stumble out of the gate this year.

“I as a quarterback haven’t played well in two games and our offense hasn’t played well in two games,” Bortles told reporters on Wednesday. “For anything to change I’m going to have to play better.”

He has to play smarter, too. Bortles has thrown behind his intended receiver on at least one of his picks but the others he said have come as a result of what he said were “dumb’’ throws.

Whether he played smarter or not is uncertain but Jags coach Gus Bradley said Bortles did play better in practice on Wednesday. Bradley said the team followed suit as well.

“Blake’s the leader here,’’ Bradley said. “His mindset permeates throughout the locker room and they take on that personality of his and that’s why we had a good practice today.’’

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