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Why does Adam Gase credit Steve Mariucci most in his quick rise?


You look at the resume of Dolphins head coach Adam Gase and it’s filled with well known head coaches he’s worked for at the college and NFL level. This would include having started at Michigan State and then LSU, with eventual Hall of Fame coach Nick Saban.

But to whom does Gase credit the most for getting him his NFL start and teaching him the right ways to run an NFL team? None other than former 49ers and Lions boss turned NFL Network analyst, Steve Mariucci.

Gase detailed getting his initial start in the NFL in Detroit when Mariucci took over the Lions in February 2003, on Friday afternoon’s edition of the “The Rich Eisen Show” seen on DirectTv and heard on Fox Sports Radio:

Obviously, the way Mariucci, one of the most insightful and entertaining NFL talking heads on TV, treated Gase (as an intern) and the other low level employees with Lions made a large impression on the new Dolphins boss. And even though, he would go onto to a fast track that saw him work NFL jobs in San Francisco, Denver and then, Chicago, Gase still credits “Mooch” the most.

As we wrote late last week with Dolphin mini-camp wrapping up, Gase endeared himself to his team and obviously turned Miami’s fortunes around into a playoff season in his first year. And, having worked for Saban, Mariucci, John Fox (in two places), there’s no shortage of coaching “names” to help shape how he runs a team.

But, treating everyone, especially players, like men with dignity/respect is something critical to success at the highest level of football; the NFL. And, even though the Lions weren’t very good on the field, Gase was learning those leadership and coaching traits some 15 years ago and filing them away.

He obviously wowed the Broncos and Bears front offices (and Fox, specifically) to be their offensive coordinator at a young age, and then, impressed the Dolphins enough to give him his first head coaching job at 37 years old. That doesn’t happen by chance.

It happens because, you demonstrate that you are prepared with X’s and O’s, but you also know how to lead and treat your staff and players. The Dolphins, so far, appear to have gotten that part right with Gase.

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